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1. Posted by yo (Budding Member 15 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I plan to travel around asia for a year. Is it better to buy an RTW ticket? or just buy tickets one at a time as I travel around? Airasia.com seems to offer unbelievably low prices so it seems to be both a cheaper and more flexible alternative to buying a RTW ticket. Does anybody have experience with either of the 2 alternatives or maybe a 3rd alternative that could offer any advice on this? Thanks!

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i bought a 12 month return ticket london-bangkok for £475. then i spent 6 months travelling around thailand, laos, cambodia, vietnam, malaysia, borneo, hong kong and macau. i would have gone to india and japan and possibly elsewhere before flying home from bangkok, but my funds dried up.

i flew airasia several times, bangkok to macau, nr hong kong was £40 return, bangkok to kl £10, kl to borneo £25 return!!! very very cheap, efficient and decent airline! i also flew with lesser airlines in cambodia and laos... travelled overland, by river etc.

i saw loads and had such an amazing trip! depending on where you want to go i reckon it's a much better way to travel... total flexibility. i looked into flights from bangkok to india and they were about £120 return. flying to japan was lots more.

getting around south-east asia is cheap and easy in the main part!

12 month return ticket to bangkok from the states with a few internal/cheap international flights whenever you fancy them will be your best bet for sure!!! then you can overland where possible, travel on boats... fly here and there.

hope this helps you

good luck

joey :)

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Its a tough one...I got a round the world ticket as I was literally doing a loop around the world so money wise it worked out cheaper for me...however I think maybe if you are wanting to do asia and you have so much time on your hands it maybe best to just wing it. Save money and just get the cheapest return to Bangkok and use that as your base....the money you save will be more than enough to find your own cheap internal flights and also its sometimes fun to endure the horrendously long bus journeys as they are only a few pounds!!!Very cheap!!!However in a way It would be good to have pre paid tickets so you would never have to worry about money as you would always have your flights as back up!Im in a similar situation....we are going to India and nepal but have now decided that we want to return to south east asia again so we managed to get a flight into Mombai then a short flight to Bangkok a few weeks later and then we are going to either overland it or get air asia flights independantly across to Cambodia and Vietnam and then make our way back to Bangkok to fly home...its worked out a lot cheaper and move convenient for us!!!!Bus travel is easy and accessable over there so you would always find a cheap way to get from A-B!!!

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Joey & Twinkle - Thanks for the advice and reassurance! I was thinking that "pay as you go" was a better option than RTW for me but I was not confident in my theory since this is the first time I've taken such an extended trip. Thanks again! :)