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1. Posted by friscokid (Full Member 122 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I'm thinking of taking the CNL offered by from Amsterdam Centraal to München Flughafen Terminal (my departure flight back home).

The schedule departs Amsterdam at 20:00 (Tuesday night) and arrives (Wednesday) at Munich's airport at 8:20. My flight is at 11:00.

Does anyone know what are the chances of this train being late and causing me to miss my flight? I've heard German rail is typically on time with the exception of a true German in Berlin who says German rail is usually late. Anyone experienced with this line?


Amsterdam 14.03.06 dep 20:05 5b CNL 319 CityNightLine
München Hbf 15.03.06 arr 07:16 15
München Hbf 15.03.06 dep 07:38 1 S 8 S-Bahn Direction
München Airprt 15.03.06 arr 08:17

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Well, I'm from Austria, but I travelled by train in Germany and I never had any problems.

I think that even if the train is late, you won't miss your plane.
In Austria the ÖBB has to pay when they're really late (1 hour or so)..
That never happened to me, though. In winter they can be late (up to 30 mins) but we have mountains and snow.
So I think that March in Germany won't be a problem.

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You will be fine to a major city like Münich, you will have enough time. I've never had a huge delay over 30 mins with a whole month of travel in Germany. Since you don't have to change trains, the train may be a few minutes late but they are pretty good. Also the S-Bahns from the Hauptbahnhof to Airport will run at regular intervals.

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It makes sense to check 2 days before departure whether there are any expected problems along the way. Sometimes repairs on the tracks can cause delay, which on such a long journey can be substantial.

The German who said that German trains are never on time was right, but that isn't (really) the fault of German Rail. For example: Your train will be on the Rhine line which is very traffic heavy and thus perfect for the frequent suicide attempts on rail tracks. So any sighting of people along this track will cause German Rail to re-route trains from the left Rhine line to the right Rhine line and vice versa. Depending upon how many trains are running, this can cause delays up to one hour. So you might be late because a drunk decided to take a moonlight stroll. You never know. I hope it assures you that while 90 percent of all trains aren't on time, only 10 percent of all trains arrive with a delay longer than 30 minutes.

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thanks all for putting things into perspective for me.

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perhaps important detail
you're leaving from amsterdam, are you dutch? because than you know the problems with the NS. (the dutch train company)

sometimes we make the situation so insane that also the international trains have delays.. for example when it snows or so.. of when there is a party to close by.. or a possible terrorist attack.. (not that this happens too often, but if it does happen.. yeah! lucky you..)

anyway, make sure you be on time at the station, in case they change the departing platform you need to walk 20 minutes