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Does anyone have information or experiences regarding learning spanish in Central/South America?

I am particularly intrested in taking classes in Honduras or Colombia.

Let us know your stories, cost, or whatever.

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SORRY... I posted in the wrong forum

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No problem Rygin, post moved :)

Sorry, no experience with that but there are tons of organizations that do this kind of thing.... have you looked at Don Quijote for example?

Someone else here will most likely have better feedback on this!



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i was just wondering... i'm looking to travel to south America in the future. If i just learn Spanish is that enough to get me around? cuz i'm sure everyone speaks a different kind of Spanish...

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Hey Ingrid,
I went studying in South America without knowing almost any spanish. I just followed a 2 week cours in Spain before I left to South America. In the beginning it was really hard, at university some people spoke English, but on the streets almost nobody knows any English. In the beginning I didn't travel alone because I was afraid I didn't know enough Spanish, but after a few months I was able to say and ask the basic things on the street. Then I went backpacking alone, and I didn't have any problems. Also you meet many tourists who know spanish, so they can help you. If you go to really touristy places (like cuzco for example), you are probably fine with english only. But it's nice to know some spanish to be able to talk to the locals.
During my travelling in South America I met many tourists that didn't know any Spanish, and they also managed it on there own, so I suppose you don't have to worry to much about that.
What many tourists do is go to South America, and first follow a spanish course there before they start travelling. But if you already followed a basic course where you live, that should be fine also :)

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ÍBERO is a Group of Independent Spanish University Graduated Teachers with extensive experience in teaching the Spanish language to speakers of all cultural backgrounds, from several parts of the world.
Spanish Professors from the most important Universities in Argentina teach the courses especially designed for our customized programs.

ÍBERO offers a wide range of touristic and educational opportunities. This is the reason why we invite you to organize a program that would fit your interests.

We offer you the opportunity to combine the Spanish learning with cultural and tourist activities in order to make you live an unforgettable experience.

ÍBERO is located in downtown Buenos Aires.This provides for an effective connection between where you study and the places of interest since it is located in the most centrical area of the city, with all bus stops and subway stations.


Our programmes include
Free course material
Level test.
Each student will receive a certificate after the completion of the course.

a-1 week
b-2 weeks
c-3 weeks
d-4 weeks
e-5 weeks and more

Group classes

Spanish Regular Course

(20 hours per week)

$ 140 a
$ 220 b
$ 310 c
$ 410 d
$ 120 /week e

One- to-one classes

(20 hours per week week)

$ 280 a
$ 480 b
$ 240 /week c,d,e

One- to-one classes

(30 hours per week)

$ 390 a
$ 740 b
$ 370 /week c,d,e

One- to-one classes

Spanish SuperIntensive (40 hours per week)

$ 520 a
$ 950 b
$ 1420 c
$ 1870 d
$ 470 /week e

Private lessons $ 13 /hour

Spanish lessons at your accomodation $15/hour

Superior Spanish lessons (Specific subject, e.g:Literature) $17/hour

Please, contact us for further information:


All fees are expressed in USD. (United States Dollars)

All fees may be paid before (at least 24 hours before starting) or on the first day. Students are adviced to arrange full insurance for health, travel and possessions. It is the student's responsability to arrange all applicable permits and visas and to have a valid passport. No registration fee is required.

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If you are still around...

Probably wouldn't recommend Colombia except for maybe Cartagena - but it can be expensive there... Still too many problems for foreigners in Colombia to take a chance...
As for Central America - almost all countries have reasonable schools - Guatemala (Antigua) has very good rep - friends have done it there and learned a lot in 2 weeks although they did have a fair grasp beforehand.
Nicaruagua also has some good schools and Panama has the advantageous of having a lot of English spoken so you can get around a bit better.
Another great place to learn is Cuernavaca in Mexico (just south of Mexico City) I went there a few years back and loved it - great city and superb schools.
If you need any specific info - drop me a message



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In Buenos Aires, if you want to learn Spanish, but don't need a certificate, you can pay less if you take private classes.

Many ex-teachers of institutes charge 50% less than institutes prices.

One offer combined with accommodation
(homestay) is in http://www.lodging.4all.cc

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I strongly suggest you to go to a spanish school. I did so, I had de opportunity to meet other travellers, I learned a lot, i took the DELE exam (very useful now that I am back in Europe).

Try this school
Via Hispana

If you need help seandimech@yahoo.co.uk