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Hey all...brand new to the site (and soon to be Eastern Europe). Here's the scoop: Two travellers going to EE for 16 days in April. To start, we're making our way from Berlin to Prague over seven days on a pre-packaged tour. It wasn't my ideal situation, but being the first time out of North America for either of us, we thought it best to get our feet wet before jumping in alltogether (although I know that can be the best way sometimes).

So I've resolved to take the second half of our trip to free-form our own adventure. Some spots I've thought about along the way are Bratislava, Budapest, Sighisoara, and Krakow, but these are all brainstormed. We would appreciate any seasoned advice/recommendations on places to go, where to stay, and methods of transport for two 20-something Americans (no EE languages) looking for an all around excellent adventure.

Thanks...and good journeys.

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wow good choice of places to go!

Sigishoara is a great town in Transylvania! was there 3 times - I can recommend a Hostel owned by a fellow American Called Nathan's Villa. You'll see peeps with flyers at the trainstation. In Sigi there are several clubs to go to - Just ask at the Hostel - its a decent nightlife there. I had a lovley gf there so she showed me all around the city.

Budapest is one of the greatest cities in Europe - if u need specific advice - PM me - i lived there last summer.

Krakow is cool as well....very small city center - everythin is easy to get to in the center square - theres also a Nathans Villa Hostel in Krakow i recommend too - its the same guy who owns both Hostels.

Trains are the best transport - i met sooooo many interesting peeps on the trains alone - especially the train from Budapest to Sigishoara.

Never been To Bratislava - only eastern Slovak. Sorry.

3. Posted by mrmckreg (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the recco's Jeff !!! I'm checking with Nathan's Villa to see what their availability is. It appears that our plans have changed a bit, so any new info anyone has to offer is again greatly appreciated.

We are now flying into Prague, and flexible itinerary from there includes Budapest, Sighisoara, and Krakow. I've also heard great things about Czesky Krumlov and Budejovice (but not sure if these are day trips or actual stays). However, we have now scrapped the packaged tour, so we have no set means of transport/accomodations.

Does anyone know if doing these cities on our own is advisable? How easy is it to get form place to place via trains? Should we buy set tickets before we leave the U.S., or can we get relatively easy at the actual stations? Are hostels easy to find when we arrive in towns, or should we line it all up, on our own, prior to departure?

Thanks to all,

Jeff (also, Jeff)

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Budapest is a nice city (language is super tricky though - don't understand one word) Krakow is a very cool , artistic city. Also , if you go to Krakow the Nazi Concentration Camp, Aushwitz, is about an hour away. It's been left just like it was at the end of WW II. Really something to see if you want to get hit with a hard dose of ugly reality. Shows you how out of control and insane Governments can get. A must in my book, expecially if you're super young and still believe in too many fairytales - this place will reset your compass.

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I agree with Aushwitz... a must see.
And buy all ur tickets at the trainstations.

How easy is it to get form place to place via trains?

Begin personal experience: My friend and I were in Krakow and wanted to get to Sigishoara. Found out no Trains went from Krakow direct to Sigi so the alternative was a train all the way to Budapest and THEN a connection to Sigi - adding on about 4-5 hours of travel in the WRONG direction. We found out that it was the ONLY route we could go. So...being determined to hold to our south easterly route we had to take 5 local trains thru East Slovak starting in Kosice (East Slovakia) at 7AM and ending in Cluj Napoca (West Romania) 17 hours later at midnite, only then finaly arriving at Sigi the NEXT afternoon!

So be cautious if you trying to get from Sigi TO Krakow - you may have to go all the way BACK to Buda and then thru Slovak to Poland.