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I'm sure this question has been asked many times but I'll ask one more. I'm going to OZ in March with my WHV. I'll be starting in Melboroune but havent decided where I will go after that. I've really been thinking about doing harvest work. Im just wondering if anyone had any opinions or experience that they could share with me. From the websites the work sounds extremely difficult. I dont think I'd mind being outside all day and some harder work would be good for me. The websites also make it seem that I would need a car?? I dont have any transportation so I wonder if thats a big problem. And also are most of the jobs really in the middle of nowhere? And how hard is it to get a job picking?

Your help is appreciated.

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Well first and foremost fruit/farm work is generally in the middle of nowhere. But transportation is not required aas most of the farms provide accomodation and food which is then deducted off your weekly wage or you will be given a lower hourly rate for example $10ph.

To tell you the truth fruit picking jobs are some of the easiest jobs to come by, and often travellers will use them as a get out of jail card, because food/accomodation is provided! And as soon as you can get to a farm you can work:)

Victoria (state melbourne is in)is not the best place for fruit picking so the next best thing is New South Wales but i think it very much depends on the season. Queensland is your best bet, something to pick all the time also very beautiful scenery.

enjoy Australia

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I didn't pick fruit, but I did work in a packhouse in New Zealand. It wasn't hard work, but it was really boring. I just stood at a production line and sorted through boxes of fruit, tossing out the moldy or damaged ones.

The great this is that if they are hiring, you can start right away. And if you hate it, you can leave right away and there are no hard feelings. Plus, you will usually meet other backpackers.

I did it for 2 weeks and it got me through a crunch, "no money" period. I'd do it again, but I wouldn't recommend doing it for too long - it's best to mix it up with other types of work.

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What other kinds of work is available for backpackers in more populated areas?

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Hi people...

is it ALWAYS required the working visa?? or is it possible just to get a job over there "unofficially"??

Muchas Gracias!;)

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i'm looking into working on a fruitfarm too, starting asap. anyone else who's doing the same? it'd be fun to go with someone else and maybe share car costs if it's needed.
so, anyone need a fruitpicking buddy!!?? just to get the extra year in oz!

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no visa needed for farm work!

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I'm not sure where some of this info comes from but a visa is required for any sort of paid work in Australia. Unoficcial work does happen. You just have to ask and see if the employer is willing to take the risk

http://www.studyworkandtravel.com/html/templates/harvestguide.htm This page has some useful info and links to the govt fruitpickins site.