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Hey there! My boyfriend and myself are going to Mexico, arriving in Cancun but we want to go on from there to Tikal and around a bit of Mexico and Belize, any thoughts? We're going to two weeks, do you think that is enough time to spend on the beaches and still go more inland like Merida? We have to go there and return to Cancun any ideas how not to go the same route to Tikal and back to Cancun?
Thank you lots! We appreciate it! Joanna

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If you only have two weeks I would try and book a flight (online before I left)out of Cancun to Flores, Peten (Tikal) Guatemala with a stopover in Belize upon return, where you could go out to Caye Caulker for a couple of days..try Tikal Jets &
Taca (Central American) Airlines

Also there are one day tours to Tikal from cancun by air (one hour flight) (example.)

A bus trip from Cancun to Chetumal, Mexico to Belize is a full day and the bus trip from Belize City to Flores, Peten, Guatemala (where you'll have to bus it 25 km. north to the ruins)and stay overnight, is a long exhausting affair with often waits of an hour or more crossing the busy border either way.

Merida is a nice side trip from Cancun by Bus, several hours with of course, no border crossing.

Try to consolidate your airfare to include Cancun-Flores, Peten-Belize-Cancun flight and you'll save 4 days.

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thanks! we'll look at those sites and see if we can fly!

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Travelling by land through Belize is expensive (for a bus trip) time consuming and not really worth one day at the Ruins of Tikal........

International Passengers by Land

Santa Elena: Northern border with Mexico (from Chetumal, Cancun, etc.)
Benque Viejo del Carmen: Western adjacency zone with Guatemala (To Flores, Peten for Tikal)

Border Processing Fee $15.00
Conservation Fee $3.75
Total Border Departure Fees: US $18.75 or BZ $37.50
Payable in US or Belize currency.
All fees apply to non-Belizean citizens
Exemptions: children under 12; permanent residents of Belize; visitors from border towns for first 24 hours.
International Passengers by Sea

You'll have to pay that twice..going out to Guatemala and again returning to Mexico..this is by LAND. US or Belizean Cash only.


Going in and out of Guatemala to/from El Salvador and Honduras no charges, but possibly since Belize is not a CA 4 member they may charge some small fees.

The only Direct Buses to Tikal (Town of Flores, Peten 25 km. south)are out of Belize City about $15OW - $30USD RT. depending the service.

"1. All buses from Belize City depart from the main Novello's bus terminal on West Collet Canal. The other bus terminals scattered throughout the city no longer have departures. This is effective June, 2002.
2. The conservation fee (PACT) paid on departure from Belize ($3.50 US) is a one time fee and is not good for 30 days as mentioned in the guide book. It must be paid for each departure from Belize.
3. There is a bus line, Linea Dorado, (Guatamalan, I think), that operates from the Water Taxi station in Belize City. They have round trip, direct buses from Belize City to Tikal, starting from $25 US, with daily departures. (Best service for Tikal)
Mark Weitz, USA (Dec 02)"

"If you're going to Tikal, the quickest method is direct from Belize City. Mundo Maya has a one-way bus leaving at 9:30am and one in the afternoon (2:00pm?) for $15 US (at least that's what the agencies sell the tickets for) . If you want the same direct service to Tikal from any other destination along the Western Highway (e.g. Cayo) the only way is by tourist shuttle which costs $25 US. You can sometimes convince the drivers of the tourist shuttles at the border crossing at Melchor to take you direct to Tikal (as they are going anyway) for less.
Tom Triglone, Australia (Sep 03)"

"Mexico/Belize Border Crossings Please warn future travelers that they will have to pay a US$10 exit fee* per person to leave Belize, even if the excursion is only for one day. One should also take into account the US$5 fee for a double entry by the Mexican authorities when crossing back and forth"


  • Now $15.00
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We're planning a similar trip in march .... we're flying into cancun and going straight down to tulum - we're staying at a place called Copal which has been highly rcommended ... then I thought we'd go down to belize and then on to tikal and fly back from flores to cancun ... but just been researching caye caulker and not sure on it ...

does anyone know if you can make the journey by bus directly from mexico? or do you have to go via belize?

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There are buses from Chetumal on the Mexico-Belize border straight to Tikal, through Belize, about 8 hours. I guess Chetumal is about 5 hours south of Tulum.
If you don't want to go through Belize you can go to Palenque more west and take a transfer there to Tikal, but unless you want to see Palenque there is no use doing taking this route.