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About 3 years ago I got arrested for being under the influence and in possession of drugs in california, but i skipped out on my court dates...stupid, yes yes yes but what i want to know is this: I want to travel to europe this summer, will I be able to or will they be pulling me off the plan in New York and bussing my sorry behind all the way back to cali?

thanks if anyone can give me an answer or tell me where i can go to find one.

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You won't have a problem landing or travelling in europe.
My mate has a minimal criminal record and it is so hard for him to just change planes in LA, because they want to interview him and fill out forms over here in the UK before we depart.. he's going to fly back home via Sri Lanka because it isn't worth the hassle.
So the biggest problem for you is getting in and out your own country.

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Agreed, I don't think this will give you much trouble, except maybe an extra 5 minutes at immigration on the way in. If you're travelling somewhere where you need to arrange visas in advance it might mean your paperwork takes longer (Australia for example), but for just holidaying in Europe you'd be fine.

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Yes, getting in and out of the US is what i was most worried about, It would be a nightmare if i am ready to embark on my trip to europe and then the cops drag me off the plane. does anyone know how leaving the US with bench warrants goes over?

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Why Travel with a criminal record?
Travel with a gorgeous girl or a crazed Rastafarian and put the spotlight on them!!!!


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I missed a court date once where i was to present my community service paperwork and pay my fine. I went to the courthouse the day after to give my regards and was arrested again for missing it. But you'll be in a different city, so I'm not sure. Do you already have your plane ticket? I wonder if they run every passengers name through the police system before boarding.

Best of luck

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I'm not sure if it'll give you any problems, but I went travelling around Europe four years ago and we took the night train from Turkey to Bulgaria. On the way over the border we were stopped seven times for passport controlls. Same thing happened from Bulgaria to Romania where they at one point took our passports and drove off not returning them till an hour later... obviously io was getting a bit nervous! I don't have a criminal record and I'm from Denmark so there was no problem, and i'm not sure you will have one if you go that way, but just so you know that they are very strict in these countries.
I hope you'll have a great trip though... Europe ís amazing to travel around!

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