from bangkok going north to goto laos,vietnam,then cambodia

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hey people,
as ive said im landing in bangkok, then traveling north into laos, vietnam, along the coast into cambodia, then back into cambodia....just wanting to know, about how easy the route is to do, and in what way, main attractions etc...basically any advice that can be offered.
My first time going there, so am really excited..i will be going there around 1st April, so if any ones around and wanna meet for a drink...get in touch,
Well hoping to look forward to your reply and advice.

Cheers guys


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how long are your travel plans? maybe then i can propose a route through these countries.


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Dear Anoop,

I worked at a backpacker area in Saigon (Vietnam)more than 1 year. And i know that almost foreigners tourists, they are traveling that way ( by bus they go through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and back to Thailand before flying back their countries). To them it's a very interesting way and cheap too if you have enough time.
Have a good trip.
And i am willing to help if you are around Ho Chi Minh city ( Saigon)

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Hey guys’ thanks for your advice very much appreciated...
There may now be a change of plan though, cos I may be heading from Bangkok through to Cambodia first, then into Vietnam, travelling up to Hanoi. Reason being my mate who I’m meeting in Bangkok decided this is the route he wants to do, and its fine with me, but when we get to Hanoi he fly’s to Malaysia and then I have to decide do I just go with him or do I take my own route? And then meet him later on.
You see the problem is he's been in samui for the past 3 weeks and by the time I get there he would have been there for 5-6 weeks. So I can completely understand he doesn’t want to go back there, he wants to spend time in Malaysia
I land in Bangkok on 25th march, and we both plan to fly out of Singapore to Australia on the 1st June, so I have two months, in which to fit in, Cambodia, Vietnam, part of Thailand and Malaysia and Singapore!!
One of my options is to like I said jus go with him up to Vietnam and miss Thailand out, or go up to Vietnam, and take a flight from Vietnam to Bangkok, do my Thailand adventure and meet him later on in Malaysia cos he's going to fly from Hanoi to KL.
I really don’t know what to do, I don’t want my mate to change his plan, but I also don’t want to go all that way and miss out on Thailand.
I and my mate are both travelling to Australia for 3 months and 6months in New Zealand, so Asia isn’t going to be our main highlight, but I don’t want to miss the opportunity….What do I do???