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How you doing
Not sure if this is already posted but can't find it anywhere...

Was just wondering if it is a possibility anymore to hike to Macchu Picchu or the Choquequirau ruins (etc) without having to pay for expensive tour guides? Are we allowed to go on these treks by ourselves anymore or are we too far gone in this ever-increasing capitalist world of tourism.


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On the subject of "Hiking for free" has anyone ever done long distance hitching or hiking and pretty much got away costing them little or nothing??

Its just when i go to Australia at the end of the year via Brazil to meet some relatives, i was considering hiking or hitching my way across South America to Chile and then flyin to Oz.

Wots your experiences??

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One have to go with a licenced tour-agency to do the Inka-trail to Macchu-Picchu. This 'law' was enforced in 2004 (I think) because they
had problems with people going on their own, throwing a lot of rubbish
which destroyed the nature there. Also there were simply too many people
walking the Inka trail. In fact, I think it is a good thing that they have put a limit to the amount of people who can go per day, in order
to preserve nature. Although I agree that it feels weird having to pay
to hike. Especially if you come from Europa where there are plenty of
well-marked trails that you can use without paying anything. But this is so in most of SA. Indeed it is hard to find any trails here that are marked. However, there are another trail to Macchu-picchu, the Salkantay which you can do on your own. However, must people still pay for a guide. When I walked the Salkantay trail I saw a group og independent hikers, however their stove didn't work because of the altitude, and also there were no way of them 'finding' the way witout following a tour group. So, think twice before going on you own. I don't know about the other trail you mentioned.

cheers, Sol

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All around Peru are lots of trail you can do it in your own with the exception of Classical "Incas Trail", why? There are so many reasons, but the principal is to put a limit. Classical Incas Trail is one of the most famous route in the world, there are lots of people who wants to do it, I did it once and sure I would like to do it once/twice more, but you know, it's expensive but worth to do it at least once in your life.

However, there are other trails that can lead you to Macchu Picchu, once is Salkantay, other one is Santa María-Aguas calientes-Machu Pichu.

Also Choquequirao is free to do it, just have to pay the entrance fee.

Ausangate trek is another famous trek in Cusco and also you can do it in your own.

Good luck!