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I'm Jannie, I'm 22 years old and from Denmark. Have just spend the past three years living in england and only moved back to Denmark in August to start my degree in international social work, however my heart is still in England and besides that I suffer from what everybody else in here suffer from.. the itchy feet syndrome!
I was lucky to get quite a big tax rebate a litttle while back, so of course i'm gonna go off this summer. Now, my problem is that I can't decide where to go. I have done more or less all of europe and been to america as well on previous trips, so my thought is maybe to try Thailand this time. Does anybody have any suggestions as to where to go and what to see. It's a bit of a jungle and I have had quite a few places recommended eg. phi phi, Lao and Malaysia. I'm planning to go for about 1.5 month starting around mid july. Or if somebody have somewhere completely different to suggest i'm ready to listen.
I hope to hear from a lot of people... in the mean time, the long wait for summer will go in.

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Not to discover,when will come old age,that I didn't live....

Enjoy the day,enjoy TP,
Welcome!! ;)

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Hello!!Welcome to TP!!!!Im leaving for India followed by South East Asia in June so we will be most likely to be around the same regions at the same time!!!I recently went to Thailand so any questions you may have, get in touch!!!!This time around, after India we will be visiting Cambodia and Vietnam and I will be also revisiting Thailand briefly, so maybe our paths will cross!!If so we can meet for a beer!

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Sounds great! It will be the first time that I'm going on my own, so I'm a bit nervous, but very excited. I can't decide where to go in Thailand though and what to see... seems like there's a million things. Any suggestions? You from Newcastle? I'm looking to move there or Preston next august to do a term of my degree. Will most likely be Preston though as it is a little closer to Hemel Hempstead where my boyfriend lives. Currently trying to find cheap flight tickets... thinking of flying to Bangkok and then onwards. Any suggestuions for that? Thanks for your help!