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(not to sure where I'm goin' with this)

Favorite memory of your Vacation In CANADA!!

(and please don't just talk about our beer...haha)

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ok so I know you don't want people to just talk about beer but one of my favourite girls trips was driving to Halifax to stay at the casino hotel and basically drink and gamble. One of my friends was leaving for 6 months to go to Australia and we knew we wouldn't get to see her for a while so we definitely made the most of it
this brings back good memories

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Hmmm...so many memories...which one to choose?

For New Year's, my best friend and I booked train tickets and took a mini Toronto vacation (oh, the shopping! If only I could show you the shoes we bought!) On the way up, we snuck into a quad and spontaneously struck up a conversation with the two other strangers sharing the space. We spent the entire trip talking about everything and nothing, laughing and telling stories from our childhood.

I'm sure I'll never see those two again, but it was the best trip I've ever had.

Not sure that could happen anywhere else but in Canda!

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My favorite memory would have to be the first time i went to BC. I was probably only 6 or 7 years old and my family of 5 packed ourselves into a tiny little car and went camping from Winnipeg an Victoria. I loved camping so much and I had never seen the mountains before. The best memories are of driving late into the night and waking up the next morning to the sound of a little creek flowing past our tent, and then getting up and watching the squirrels and rabbits play around us. It may not sound that great to you, but if you were 6 or 7 again you would absolutely love it.

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That's a very good question, CNDgirl ;). I've a lot of beautiful memories of my vacacions/longterm stays in Canada, but I guess the most special one was watching the sunrise on the first ferry from Horseshoe Bay/Vancouver to Departure Bay/Vancouver Island on my 20th birthday. I will definitely never forget that journey!