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any recommendations for a good backpack.

needs to withstand 1 year travelling round thailand, malaysia and australia

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Hi Scott,

Search around the Travel Gear forum. You may get what you need there.

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Hi there,

my only advice is don't get one too big, up to 50/60L is perfect. Especially good for getting on buses etc when you don't want to be parted from your stuff. Have a fantastic time! xSof

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I am travelling to India and thailand.... which is the best back pack to take -

A top loader or a zip open one?

han x

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My 2 (very long) cents worth:

Having a backpack is excellent - comfortable and easy to lug around. But, do make sure you get a experienced sales assistant to fit it correctly and make sure the hip belts and shoulder pads does not cut into your body. So try out the bag with weights and walk around the shop for awhile.

After years of travelling with the ruscksac - the only disadvantage would be items in the bag are not easily accessible. In my case I have a 60l, my sleeping bag is always fitted right at the bottom of the bag (to retain its shape and as its least used during the day) and having no pocket right at the bottom - I find it a pain sometimes having to off load most of my stuff to retrieve my sleeping bag. So, I would really recommend you to get a bag with loads of pockets (on the sides, bottom and top). Alternatively, you can opt for a travel bag - which has zips all round for easy access to the main compartment. So you need to weigh your options as to which is more suitable for your travels.

Anyway, to answer your question - there are loads of outdoor shops in Scotland, Tiso and Ellis Brigham I reckon are the top few. And, most of the products that they carry are really good. Personal recommendations do check out Lowe Alpines (well padded, great back system, value for money), Osprey (they have quite a range are really comfortable - I myself is considering getting a new one!! ;)), Deuter (haven't used them but read good reviews about them), Karrimor (great, heavy duty & durable, though on the heavy side)...

Angharad is right - 50/60L is about the right size and if you're not carry tents or sleeping bags you could even down size it further.

Hope this helps. Have a good trip!

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My backpack is a toploaded one, but it has zipper openings at the sides and at the bottom so I had very good access to all my stuff.
My backpack is a McKinley Polar 55W.

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Agree, try the Travel Gear forum.

It's down to personal preferenec. I HATE top loaders with a passion, and only ever use zip ones (which can also be locked easily with padlocks as a bonus). I also travel light, which especially if travelling mostly in warm countries and without camping etc is a must.

Whilst you probably won't go quite as small (I think 35 is ample, but certainly wouldn't go above 50), my current bag is a 26l North Face. Its the eventual replacement for my sadly lamented Karrimor which died a death (it had lasted about 8 years of more or less solid travel before somebody shoved a pick axe (!) through the top of it, killing the stiching) a month or so before I started this trip. I bought a replacement out of urgent desperation, and went through that and 2 subsequent bags in the first 6 months of this trip before eventually picking up my current one at daft expense in Tokyo.

Don't scrimp. Make sure it works for YOU. Size/fit is very personal. I agree that lots of poickets/expandability etc is excellent, BUT if the pockets are teh wrong size/shape etc for what you want to put in them, they can be useless and annoying.

Also look for other features. If you might want to tie things on, make sure you have useful loops/bungee cords etc, as some bags can't be tied to easily, or they aren't designed well, so the weight distribution/balance goes all funny when you tie on to it.

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Hey there!

To go Thailand do it light, everything's very cheap so you can buy clothes and a lot of stuff for your lady back home, the backpack I love "Arc'teryx" it's canadian and "Lowe Alpine" (Kiwi)

Have a nice trip! And don't do funny thing's in those countries they're pretty severe with the rules! (If you donĀ“t pay them)