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hey everyone,

Looking for some direction here.
A girlfriend of mine is attempting to persuade me into an excursion, and i literally mean an excursion, ill explain in a minute, to Costa Rica. What I know about CR is very little, but that is not the problem. The issue at hand is whether a month in CR is something that i would want to spend my hard earned cash on this summer.
To the good stuff. Her intention, whether I join her or not, is to backpack the rain forest of CR. Now i dont know how extensive the rain forests there are. I dont know how untouched or difficult an adventure like this would be. Nor do I have any real idea of what the costs, needed equipment, preparations, reservations, language skills are needed.
I have been looking forward to travelling this summer with the idea of seeing some of the exotic places of the world. I wonder if this is the way I want to do it. What im asking "is this type of trip more work than enjoyment?"
I wanted to gain a little more knowledge of the subject from people that have maybe been or seen rather than trust the plans of a woman. (just kidding) Any advice at all would be more than appreciated.

Oh and finally, she is quite dead set on this adventure and sounds as if she will do it with or without me. Is that safe? I have to vote no way but I don't think I can talk her out of it. Any stories for persuasion?

Thank you and good luck

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I found Costa Rica to be a great and inexpensive place to visit overall. As far as hiking through the rainforests, well... that's not exactly my thing, but a lot of people would love to do it.

Is there any room for compromise with you two? I mean Central America is/can be as exotic as any other place in the world, and is for sure less expensive than most too. It was safe enough for me while I was there, except in downtown San Jose at night time, which I learned to avoid after being followed around by a group of guys trying to sell me an orange for $50.

Other than that though Costa Rica was great. The rainforests were easy enough to get around in for me, but I stayed pretty much on the beaten path.

In addition to that there was Arenal, an active volcano, which to me was neat to see, there were was Quepos, a small beach town that has some good eco tours, the cloud forest was interesting to see, and some really great wildlife.. There is one place on the Carribean side which sadly I cant remember the name of that had sea turtles, also we saw a lot of really wild looking birds and monkeys and such.

All in all I thought Costa Rica was great and put it in my top 5 list, if you are "not sure" if you want to make the trip I'd say give it a shot. If you don't enjoy it you'll know better next time. If you are sure though that you are not interested, then skip it, it will wind up being a real drag for everyone if you go into it not being open to the experience of it all.

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oh, I forgot about language. Spanish. English speaking people are not uncommon. Cabbies and hotel workers especially will tend to speak some English. All in all though English is not the primary language there and it wasnt so wide spread that I was able to get around alone with no troubles... (I HATE how American I am sometimes.)

The best way I could describe it is the farther you get away from "tourist towns", the less English speaking people you are going to be likely to encounter.

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Well, let me try to help you. I am from Costa Rica, our country has a lot of great natural attraccions, the rain forrest in just one of them.
I recommend to both of you the next places:
1. Braulio Carrillo National Park. It is just very impressive! an about 45 minutes from the capital. it is a must-have (rain forrest)
2. Monteverde: it is a very nice place, you can enjoy the National Park, the rain forrest, the Skytrek and skywalk!! (rain forrest)
3. Sarapiqui! another beautiful place to know

The Arenal Volcano / thermal waters: very relaxing, great landscape, you MUST see the volcanoe at night (it is active ;) The hot waters are so relaxing! you will enjoy it (also very romantic)

The Arenal Lake (cool!! windsurf!!)

Tortuguero! (another must have!)

Beaches!! oh man!!! Guanacaste Area: Tamarindo, Herradura, Samara!! just name it!! there are a lot of great beaches!

My recommendation: you are welcome at CR!! :)


PS. Ahh by the way, it is very safe for your girlfriend!! :) So, come with her!! ;)
PS2. The only phrase that you needis: PURA VIDA!! it is something like: it is too nice! or great!! :)
PS3. If you need further help, just let me know!

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thank so much,

I cant thank you enough for your input, the way you describe sounds how can i put it sounds "pura vida". I suppose I can brush up on my spanish before I leave. We intend to go sometime at the beginning of this summer and stay for one or two weeks we ar not sure. My mind is not made up but I am close to taking the bait. Anyway, when I make a decision I will let you know and probably ask for more advice.

thanks again and good luck

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Costa Rica is a FABULOUS place for a month and many of us B&B owners not only speak English and Spanish ( Although I am British I have lived here 13 years )
You do not have to be a Die hard Rain forest hiking guru to enjoy all CR has to offfer. Many of my guests book one of my cozy safe apartments and use it as home base ..while I "send them Packing" to other places Such as the Tortuguero Jungle ..THE ONLY place on the Carribbean SIDE THAT I FEEL IS SAFE..So tell your GIRLFIREND tHAT IF SHE COMES HERE ALONE ! Bettter yet have her email me at debbiecr@racsa.co.cr I also do tours to the top of Volcanoes and MANY other tours Museams ,Artisan Towns, City Tours etc.
FORTUNATELY YOU REALLY CAN ONLY SAFELY GET TO Tortuguero by tour companies (I can help with reservations) THEY Pick you up and bus/boat you to the most AWESOME 3day /2night all inclusive Jungle trip where you see Crocodiles ,sloths birds and lots of wild life ..My Coffee.fruit farm is just 25 minutes from Airport (I have airport pick up $20 to cocver gas and Airport parking and avoid hassles with taxis)
Also I am CLOSE to all attractions so COME with her and you can do different thinks from Theater to Casinos to Discos to Jungles I am also 4 4 0 minutes from Airial tramride in Brauillo Carrrilllo National Park..I can also book you for white water Rafting
DO Come it is the chance of a life time with SO MUCh Diversity NOT just for Nature lovers !
Also if you want Airport Pickup I can arrange that and a rental car to be delivered here next morning if needed COME and EXPERIENCE CR EVERYONE loves it !
email me and check out my web site ...below Copy/paste