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hello frnds well i m student from india, i m planning to travel europe this summers , i doont have any travelling experience, so i want to know about how to travel cheaply infollowing cities of europe (amsterdam , paris , berlin,brussels,zurich) or other places which u know can be good for travelling, and wat ill the most cheapest way to travel within europe... and how much budget ill required for 20 to 30 days travelling ... i really need someone to advice me good. i ill be really thankful to you if u reply me as soon as possible , well bye for now , take care

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if you're the adventurous type i'd say you can hitchike around which is as cheap as it gets. (im prolly gonna do it when im around europe, i never got anyone to pick me up the few times i tried in US hehe) also, stay in hostels, or sleep on a bench somewhere but i wouldnt recommend doing that regularly. Buy food at groceries and such, just put it in your backpack. make a buncha pbj's and whatever else is easy. avoiding eating out too often. its easy for me, cuase i dont drink or smoke, so thats a huge plus. i spent a month travelling new england area, and i spent $900 and to be honest, i could've done it alot cheaper. i got stuck in a few too many binds and costed me a bit more than i wanted(but it was fun as hell, in a crazy kind of way.) but im kind of a purist and dont really need much other than food and sleep, so yknow keep your own standards in mind. aite hope that helped, peace.

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Don't sleep on benches in the cities mentioned, or you'll get mugged!

The cheapest way to get between the cities mentioned will be by bus or by budget airline.

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Actually the cheapest way is, as you might have guessed, hitchhiking, sleeping on the street and digging for food from trashcans, right along with begging.

A Ukrainian buddy of mine did that because the only money he had when he started was 300 Euros. He paid 150 for the train ticket to France and then had his moneybag stolen in Paris. But he still travelled for a year all over Europe, spending time in Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland. He used a small sign saying: "ukrainian student, robbed of all his money in Paris, please help with food or some change. Will work for money." He always says that going to Euope without any money and travelling like that was the best expirience in his live.

Unfortunately you will encounter several problems if you go this route. It shouldn't discourage you, but since you are Indian, I have to assume that you aren't exactly blond and blue eyed regardless how "fine and light" your "complexion" is. If you beg, nobody will believe you are a student. You will also find people not as willing to take you if you are hitchhiking or a policeman watching you a bit longer than strictly necassary.

You will be fine if you wear clean and decent clothes and maybe have a camera dangling from you neck, but if you come from an upper-middle class family in India this latent racism can be disturbing. The prejudice originates from the fact that in some areas criminals and economic refugees from southern and southeastern Europe with black hair and brown skin cause trouble. It has nothing to do with you, remember that.

As for budget, you will have to spent about 20-40 euros per night on a hostel bed and another 5 to 10 on food. Travelling costs and entry fees to sights are steep too. A good way to get around are railpasses, they allow you for example to take the night train from Paris to Berlin for an apple and an egg and make costs of travelling calculable. Especially within Germany the train is the best option you have, because it goes to a lot of places fairly often and fast. Buses are cheaper, but the routes they run are more long distance without an extensive network within a country.

You will also need to book tickets for budget airlines well ahead - 4 months at minimum to get a real bargain.

I suggest you put out some initiary to critizise for us - like "One week in Germany around Berlin, what shall I do? I'm interested in..." . Then we can give you tips for specific places to go to and how much it is going to cost you.