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I am going to Europe on April 28, 2004 and I will spend 4 weeks over there. I am traveling solo and I have a draft of my itinerary, can somebody check it and tell if it is ok? Am I trying to see too much?
Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

So, here we go:
Amsterdam: 2 full days
Bruges: (half day)
Brussels: 1.5 days
Paris: 4 days/3 nights
Firenze: 3 days/3 nights
Rome: 4 days/4 nights
Venice: one day travel (0 nights)
Salzburg: 2.5 days (2 nights)
Vienna: 1.5 days (1 night)
Pragha: 2 days
Berlin: 3 days (2 nights)
-Here I will travel at night to Amsterdam-
Amsterdam - London (via KLM)
London: 2.5 days (2 nights)
London-Edimburg (by air)
Edinburg: 2 full days

And the next day... on route to Costa Rica (my home land!!) ;)

What do you thing?? Is it ok??

Thanks in advance!

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yes, please dont do this to yourself.
explore a region for 4 weeks instead of all of Europe.
Pick 2-3 countries and really get to see and explore these places.
Scotland and Austria in the same trip! a vast distance between the two...maybe explore Czech, Germany, Austria?

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Hi . . .I agree with Jeff, way way too much . .. unless you like whistle stop tours . . . .

If you want to get to know these cities a little bit, then I would suggest that at an absolute minimum you need to consider 4 days in any city (excluding travelling)

Preferably pick a region or two, and allow a lot more time for travelling, there are always unexpected delays . . . . . . .

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Hey Gerado,

Wow!!! It is certainly possible to do that itinerary, but like the others, I think your trying to cover too much and would suggest stripping out some places, probably at least a third of them. Even the most experienced travelers or hyperactive people would be flagging by the third week trying to cover so much ground, and as such you start missing lots of things.

You will end up with places merging into 1 (you might remember a great bar or a wonderful church, but not actually where it was) and screwing with your body/sleep patterns to a point where your almost zombified by the end. In addition, you don’t have time to see the real life anywhere – in such short periods of time you end up just running between sights/tourist traps as opposed to actually seeing the cities themselves, or even some of the slightly less known but much more rewarding tourist sites etc. You also get so tired that you miss out on night life (I don’t just mean bars/clubs although that is part of it – just seeing some of these places at night can be more impressive than during the day). In most places you need at least 2 or 3 days to really get to see them and get the most out of them.

The other big problem I can see is it seems you are underestimating travel time. It sounds like you only plan to spend one night traveling (Berlin to Amsterdam), which means that your time in some of these cities is going to be significantly less than noted there. The most extreme example is (if I’m reading this right) that you plan to leave Rome in the morning, then see Venice and then continue to Salzburg that same day. However, this would be very tight even by flying, but by train, in order to see anything of Venice at all, you leave Rome at 5.15 (via Bologna, to Venice at 1014) and then have to leave Venice at 1451 (via Verona and Innsbruck) in order to get to Salzburg that night, and even then you don’t arrive until 2329 (and thus passing through the alps in darkness, so missing the wonderful scenery). Physically possible and you would technically have seen Venice, but…

I’d suggest refining your plans to spend more time in fewer places. However, if you really do want to try and cram in such an amount of stuff, I can probably give you some pointers - I’ve spent large chunks of the last few years being bounced randomly around Europe at strange angles for weeks on end for work.

HTH, and whatever you decide, have a great trip

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Thanks to everybody!!! :)

You really help a lot with my itinerary! I will strip out some places, enjoy the cities, the night life and so on. You are 100% right,
I was trying to cover too much ground.

Thanks for the valuable tips and your time for answering to this "first time" backpacker!!

see u in Europe!!