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Hi all.
i will be arriving in vietnam early june and am hoping to do some travelling around before flying to london, i will then stop at vietnam on the way back as well and do a little extra travel (with maybe a stop in africa if i can find a cheap ticket). the ticket i am getting is really cheap $1380AUD + tax return to london from melb, with two stops in vietnam.
anyway, my main piont was to say, i am going bymyself and am kinda scared, everyone i have spoken to assures me that travveling alone will be fine and there won't be any problem meeting up with other travellers. Even so i would love to her from anyone out there that is going to be nearby in june. not sure which direction i intend to head, keeping all options open at this stage?
i'm an easygoing 20 yo.

ps. i would love to do some climbing along the way, i hear thiland has some good spots. Does anyone know if i will need to bring all my own gear or will it be reasonably cheap to hire?? Even if i just take shoes and a harness is there likely to be others with ropes looking for climbing partners??

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howdy kate,
are you still intested in going to vietnam in june? like yourself i will be traveling alone and wouldn't mind finding others to travel with. I want to try and visit thailand, vietnam, cambodia and burma in starting in about the second week of june to the 3rd or fourth week of july. this may be too ambitious, may have to forget burma.
I'm an american traveling for the first time abroad. 34 yoa male..very easygoing. are you scared at all of malaria during rainy season. hope to hear from you....might postpone my trip till nov..interseted in trekking, snorkeling, etc., loved to find someone to travel with.

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Believe all the stories, Vietnam is one of the easiest countries to meet fellow travelers. If you are in Hue, check out a bar called Thu's Cafe. It is a super fun place to hang out and meet people. Thu is the best and she creates a really fun atmosphere for travelers to get drunk in. You have to try the special bottle openers, they are fun. She also runs day tours of Hue and is always ready to give you the best tips for travel around Vietnam. If you are in Hanoi, head strait to the Old Quarter and pick a bia hoi corner to sit and watch the world go by. You will meet all sorts of people - fellow travelers, expats, locals, street vendors, etc. - on the bia hoi corner. Oh, and bia hoi or fresh beer is only 10 cents a glass. In Hoi An, everyone seems to gather at Treat's Cafe which has an awesome happy hour, two for one, and they make the drinks strong.

Trekking in either Thailand or Vietnam is pretty straitforward. It is popular so you can usually rent pretty good equipment when you're there. However, don't expect top of the line stuff. It will get you there and back but not in style. If you are planning anything really intense, you might want to bring your own gear but that's a lot of stuff to carry, remember that.

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