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2 Weeks in Italy? Please advise.

Travel Forums Europe 2 Weeks in Italy? Please advise.

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21. Posted by JJforever (Full Member 114 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

hey there! while were on the topic on italy, i have a few questions as well. Me and my wife plan to spend september 2nd and leave september 15th in europe. we have to cut down on some days in europe to make sure were back in london via eurail to make it to london by the 15th for the flight. were spending one night in london(when we land) the off to paris for 3 nights, then off to florence for 1 night. Only thing is that paris to florence by eurail is like 15 hours so we now have to maybe just spend the day in florence to see the leaning tower of pisa.(comments on this welcome!!) then its off to rome for 3 nights. Then were off to venice for 3 nights.(ive heard its extremely expensive here any comments also welcome) then our plan is to take the eurail back do london which i know is a long ride but we have to do it. also any comments ideas suggestions welcome. What i would love from you gys to help me with is how long it takes to arrive to these places via eurail so i can plan how long i can stay in these cities to make it to london by the 15th early morning. also if i have to cut some days in any of these places or ad whatever which places should this be?? thank you SOOOO much guys. travel safe!


22. Posted by nutsnbolts (Respected Member 155 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


That is interesting. You are gonna have a heck of a travel from here and there and there and here. The downtime I guess is sufficient, however, it may be a tight schedule and you would have not mental downtime. Hehehee...

23. Posted by JJforever (Full Member 114 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

interesting, so you have any suggestions then? or ideas for us? thank you!


24. Posted by amanecer (Respected Member 203 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

for nutsnbolts:
basically there's no difference between friday and saturday night in Rome, there's a lot of people outside, maybe you find the queue at the restaurant..
at the end of March the temperature in Rome is nice, it could be 15-18 degrees,(celsius) more if you're lucky.Tuscany has the same temperature on the coast, a little bit less inside.
The north of Italy is obviously colder, Venice is really humid.
The south instead could be pretty hotter, but the season at the beginning of April is still uncertain.
Tuscany is really romantic, almost everywhere!:)

for stayhungry:from florence to paris, with a night train, it would be about 15 hours. from florence to pisa 1 hour by train
from florence to rome it depends on the train: with an eurostar train 2 hours (the most expensive), with an intercity train maybe 3 hours or more.
from pisa to rome with an eurostar train 3 hours, with intercity 4 hours.
from rome to venice 4.30 hours with eurostar, 5.30 hours with intercity.
for the timetable check here:

25. Posted by nutsnbolts (Respected Member 155 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


I can't suggest to you what is most prefereable when travelling...anywhere. Different locations, different point of views.

I will tell you, my wife and I will ask around, research what we can do at a country in X amount of days. From there, we then figure out what we want to do. With the example of Italy, Italy is rich with culture and history. For myself, I would like to immerse myself in understanding the history and to fully enjoy the architecture that Italy has to offer. On the other hand, my wife leans towards more to the coast, beaches, beautiful sunset/sunrise, quiteness of villages and just plainly enjoying the beauty. Obviously, Italy has both.

So far, what we have gathered, Pisa for instance, requires only one day. A day trip perhaps. Rome, will require at least 3-4 days depending on how you want to spend your time, on average, I'm presuming 3 days would be sufficient. etc. etc. etc... This is advice that I have attained from people personally that has been to these locations. My wife and I then would start reading up on these locations as to exactly what each city has to offer. We try to then plan that accordingly which hopefully will determine if we will require more days, etc.

Travel time....

Well, unlike our previous trips, going from northern Italy to southern Italy, we are looking at over 12 hours of driving. It's definately doable, but that is almost an entire day of travelling. Is it worth it? Depends on you. Considering that we are looking forward to making another trip to Italy, We figured, we'll save southern Italy at a later point. The trade-off, we have more time to enjoy northern Italy.

We did consider taking a small flight to southern Italy for a couple days. The trade-off, a little more money on flying less travel time but seeing a bit of southern Italy. It all depends on how eager you want to maximize your Italy trip.

Lastly, I would suggest to pick up books, travel guides, maps, etc. to help you decide. I just learned that from Rome to Venice, will take a good 5-6 hour drive. (another option of course is, flight or train, which I will research). The question is, is this another city that is a day trip?

In your case, you are giving yourself a taste of each country, London, Paris, Italy. If a taste is all you want, then your itinerary is definately doable. The reality is that you will cut corners here and there.

My motto is, enjoy!

26. Posted by Bwaybaby10 (Budding Member 17 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Quoting jnw47

I've not been to Italy, yet, but advice from my friends who have been here for a semester suggest a place called Cinque Terra (not sure on the spelling). It is supposed to be a 5 village area tucked away in the Tuscany area and untouched by modernization. You even have to walk to the villages. I plan on going in April. It would be a shame to avoid Florence too. So much culture.

Cinque Terra is FANTASTIC!!! I highly recommend it to those looking to stray from the beaten path. This could also be your night or nights by the sea.

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