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11. Posted by leekuan (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi sis and bro,

both of us are under 27. and i am student. so, we tot that we can get price cheaper :'(

as per your advice, i think the immediate thing i gotto do is to get a cheap flight prior any accomodation booking. actually i plan to get the flight ticket in a coming travel fair in my country (ie. Malaysia) Actually, Malaysia is a good place to travel :) so, you guys can consider visit malaysia for your next trip. most of the time i think malaysia government not really know how to position travel industry in our country. A lot of places are unknown to traveller, i think. even myself, still hav lot of place yet to visit :p

I think our rain forest at Johor Bahru, Gunung Tahan (mountant) are good place for whoever like hiking and jungle tracking (^___^) BOth east and west malaysia has lot of beutiful island (even more beutiful than what u can get in Thailand oh)

Eh! how come suddenly i promoting my home country?!

back to our topic..both of us are girl (furthermore, first time backpack to overseas) anything that we shall take note. which are the few places that we have to becareful of? (Germany,Italy,Switzerland,France & Spain)

we will visit europe from middle of may to middle of june. what time shall we back to our accomodation? is it dangerous to walk at night time? about what time the sky will turn dark?

waiting for your advance...... :)

12. Posted by miranda73 (Full Member 76 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

As an asian live in Europe, perhaps I could help you whenever you are planning to go.

1. Try to find a website - a kind of (malaysian) student union that usually they are willing to accept you staying in their rooms, studios, flats. Or try camping site!!!
2. Food - buy everything in Aldi or Lidl supermarket. Then you cook by yourself (sandwich or ready to eat frozen food) or whatever. To eat in resto every time can blown up your expenses except if you are lucky enough to find student resto / canteen. Asian food is extremely expensive here.
3. May be it's good to find other travellers who have the same route. The more the cheaper for transportation in the city or even to visit interesting places such as museums.
4. Don't forget bring your student card or ISIS card. It is very useful to get reduction here.

What else???

13. Posted by leekuan (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Thanks thanks!!

really appreciate your reply. thanks ya....

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