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dose anyone know the requirments to do this and what would be the first steps?s

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Hi Tyler,

Check this out:

Migrating to Australia -

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You can do it two ways: it yourself 2. Pay a migration agent to do everything for you.
The first step is to assess under which category you want to migrate under. Most people applying to move here as a PR (permanent resident) apply under the skills stream of visas. The no.1 category is General Skilled migration. Basically you have to be under 45 with good skills in an occupation that is on the MODL (Migration Occupations in Demand List) or the SOL (skilled occupations list). Before you start thinking Doctor type professions think again; even hairdressers are on this list due to a massive shortage of them in Oz. You'll then have to do a points test to see if you can actually pass the visa requirements. You get points for your occupation, English ability, employment experience, age, job offer, age, etc etc. If you deposit $100,000 in a nomnated account for 12 months you get bonus points; if you have a spouse who is well qulaified you get bonus points. There's a bit of work involved, but its worth it.

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If you deposit HOW many dollars in a nominated account?!?!?!?! Is that the nominated account of a bloke working in the immigration dept? ;)

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Tsk, Tsk, Tsk ClaraLiz,
Ozstralians only indulge in bribery and corruption outside the borders of God's Own.
The current wheat to Iraq scandal PROVES that!!!


P.S. My account number is 666 66 666 if anyone wants help to migrate here.

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I already live in a hell of place, called Italy...;)

back to the issue of thanks for the info
So, it seems 100.000dollars are needed to...what is the gain?
If I emigrate to australia and have a normal job experience built elsewhere, how coul be possible for ordinary employers to earn and save that much???!!!??
Does Australia want to make sure only very very very rich people come there to live?
Is the australian government so sure that rich people that are used to travel around the world will open a bank account just get what?!
A work permit??!??
I'm really confused..sorry...
I am looking for a place to emigrate..I think I can't afford australia..sad :(
Here in Italy, even if there is a law that limits the entries, well, in fact nobody overwatches the coasts and we built places called CPT where new immigrants are taken, given food, telephone card, they stay there for a maximum of 40days.
Since they are illegal, they are then given a paper where it is written : REJECTED-ie must leave the country.
So people are given euro 700 to have the money to come back, but, it never happens, of course.

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Read the post, people: it says IF you deposit you get bonus points. Its not a mandatory requirement. You get the money back in 12-months anyway. And if you think that's a lot you should see some of the visas. We call them refugee visas for rich people.

Otherwise there is no requirement to make any deposit for general skilled migration. Just the visa fees and fees for an agent - if you use one. Its not that expensive. A couple of grand, no more. Australia takes in about 120,000 people under the skilled migration program, and about 13,000 refugees. So no, we don't only want rich people. Rich people are generally happy where they are anyway.

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you are right mojiito, sorry, I didn't note the IF...
I apologize to all here who wrote on this topic.
sorry mi english's still so bad
thank you mojiito

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:)Your English is ok and your comments caused more conversation, which is what this sites all about. So no apology required:)