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I agree with donkeykong
Stay the hell away from God's Own Country

No that would be Iran, wotthefiq;)
But I would prefer Australia. I am sure its pretty laidback there

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I have lived in Canada for 27 years and have been living in Australia for the last 10. I have dual citizenship and I would never give up my Canadian one.

What about double taxation? Do you have to pay taxes in both countries when you work in just one of them?

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Australia is a lot better than Canada at this moment.

The average salary in Australia is 1200 AUD per week, Canada is about 800 CAD.

1.00 CAD =1.04948 AUD

The jobless rate of AU is 5.5%, Canada is 8.6%.

And the weather......

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Do you guys know if law societies are very protective in Canada. For example, although I have a degree from University of London and Australian law is based on commonwealth law but I am required to do a major number of subjects in Australia to get me admitted here and do the Articles.

Well, I think it'd be natural for you to do some modules in Canadian law even if you have a degree from London, since it'll be necessary for you to familiarise yourself with Canadian law if you're keen on practising there. Canadian law has Commonwealth roots, but over the years, it has developed and I wouldn't assume that just because you have a law degree from an English university, you can ease into the legal practice of another country without having to go through some familiarisation process. So I'm not surprised you had to go through that in Australia.

Why don't you check with the Canadian Bar Association for more information?

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most people have no idea about Canada look at this www.notcanada.com this website will answer your questions it is real problems in the dream land Canada
+ lots bullshit ......

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I;d love to visit Australia some time and i'm sure you can meet many nice people there as well as Canada,what Canada has going for it is the traveling potential of Canada and the USA.

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I have a friend who moved to Australia with a new husband. They have lived there for two years. She cannot wait to move back to Canada. I have never been there, so I can't really say myself, but this woman has lived in many places in the world and is dying to put Sydney behind her. That all said, I would love to one day visit Australia. It's just far down on my list because I see Australians, for the most part, as Canadians who live in the south. The temperment is similar. The humour is similar.

I love Canada. I like when it's cold. I like to see the leaves change in the fall. I like the people. I love the diversity of countryside and of people. I could do without the heavy taxes, and the beer is far too expensive. (It's mostly due to taxes) but the country is terrific.