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im going to be studying in northern italy this summer and i will have the chance to do a bit of touring during the free weekends (three of them). im wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to where to go...i was thinking rome, venice and florence?



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yeah, that sounds about right. I spent 4 1/2 weeks in Italy travelling from north to south, so got to see a lot of it.

I guess Rome, as a capital, is really a must see, although to be honest there wasn't MASSES of stuff there that I personally found overly exciting. LOVED the Colleseaum (or however you spell it), it is SO Gladiator!!! Wouldn't REALLY recommend paying to get in, it's 10EUROS and really nothing overly exciting. The Roman Fort right next to it is free and really great to walk around. Other than that was the Vatican, the Sistene Chapel was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Well worth the money to get in (as you may be able to tell we WERE travelling on a budget).

Florance was also one of my faves, not so much for particular sights (although the Cathedral was great), but just for the atmosphere. They have all the glam clothes shops you could NEVER afford to shop in, but fun to look around. THey also have the BEST Gelato shops EVER!!!

When in Florance, if you have the time, I DEFINATELY suggest a day trip to Pisa. It is only an hour train ride from Florance and you can go see the leaning tour of Pisa which is so sureal.

Venice was good, and definately worth a see I think (just because it is SO well known) but to be honest I wasn't overly thrilled. It was so concrete, everything was cement, and the canels don't look as great in reality as they do in the pictures as they are a bit grotty (not suprising given they are their moterways), but as I said your photos WILL look great.

Only other place I would recommend going, and I would recommend with a passion, is the CInque Terre. BEAUTIFUL beaches, amazing tiny little Italian towns (Cinque Terre is along the coast, basically five small towns perched on cliffs etc). We stayed in Riomaggore, the south most of the five towns. Loved this as it is a popular ITALIAN tourist destination, so very REAL Italian feel rather than typical touristy feel. If you're up for it there is also the very popular Cinque Terre walk, which is basically right along the coast between the five towns. It's 12km I think, so you can catch a train tot he northern most town and then walk the 12km back in a day. Spectacular sscenery!!!

If you need any further help on Italy, please don't hesitate to contact me as it's one of my fave destianations and I LOVE it!!

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Hmm, Rome is nice if you like the city life, it is packed with historical landmarks. Venice was nice too. I would recomend the Vatacan which was pretty interesting too.. I guess that's not oficially Italy, but it's close to Rome if I remember right.

I have a friend from Salerno or somethng like that which is a nice area where they make Grappa... that was interesting to see... It is a liquor made from what's leftover of grapes after they make wine.

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Rome and Venice are at the top of my list. If you like to shop, Rome has great little clothing shops along the Corso that are very affordable. Of course, you wouldn't want to miss the Coliseum or the Forum. My companion and I went to the Coliseum after dark as well in the afternoon. It was lighted and absolutely beautiful. Of course, I wouldn't advise going to that area after dark if you're a female and traveling alone. There is plenty of nightlife. The Hard Rock Cafe for example and the subways are great to get around the city and cheap. But the ancient part of the city (inside the ancient Roman walls) is small and easy to get around on foot. The Vatican is a must and it's free. Of course there is a fee to see the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican's museums.
Venice is probably the most expensive place to stay or shop, but it is worth the trip. San Marco's church is free, and Napoleon called San Marco's Piazza in front of the church "Europe's drawing room." A trip up the Grand Canal on a vaporetto-a water bus- is cheap. (Be sure to validate your ticket before you board or you might get a fine.) Take a ride once during the day and once after dark when the facades of the palazzos are lighted. Not much night life, so we were early to bed and VERY early to rise, giving us a chance to see the city in the wee hours of dawn when it seemed almost devoid of other humans.
We purchased some of our meals in tiny stores and made a picnic of it.
We went to Milan. Too much of a let down, with little to see.

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hey gurl (or are you a guy i didn't check ur profile lol)

what program are you doing? whereabouts and when? it'd be cool to add another american to my (growing) crew this summer!

xxoo sarah

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When in Italy, join the youth hostel association; Ostelli per la Giovent├╣ it was about 15 euros for the year (2yrs ago), through them you can get a Carta Verde which gives you cheaper train travel.

Lago Como and Stresa on Lago Maggiore are lovely. Quite calm places.
If you go to tuscany, you should go round by car as there as so many lovely places there; Sienna, San Gimignano...

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if you search "city-museum": Roma, Venezia, Firenze, Pisa
if you search entertainment: Rimini and all riviera romagnola
if you search shopping: Milan
if you search little beautiful places near Milan: Bergamo,lago di Como,Alpi (Valtellina is 1.30 hour far away milan)
in peschiera del garda there is gardaland,the most important amusement park in Italy
I could continue...