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My husband and I are looking to volunteer independently and
if any one has suggestions about volunteering. We want to do this
alone and avoid any large organizations. We are looking to help the
needed in areas where no organizations are but welcome volunteers.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Liz G.

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I spent half a year in zambia working in the capital city, a small town and in several remote villages. The villages are of course the most challenging to work in (no electricity, organising food and water and transport in and out of the area )and even more difficult to organize where to go and what to do if you're trying to stay the independant route. Probably the easiest would be to work at one of the schools. Usually there is a school in a central location and the surrounding village children attend that school. Finding a place to stay may be more difficult. Several times i was allowed to sleep in one of the classrooms after the students had left for the day, or you may wish to take a tent. All the people i met in the rural villages were welcoming to volunteers and very excited to my presence. It may be best to research the NGO's that are operating in the country that you would like to go to and then email them for advice on communities where you could go to work. You wouldn't necessarily have to work for that NGO but they would of course have the best knowledge as to the areas and how to get there. It of course also depends on how long of a time you wish to volunteer, if its only for a few weeks then it may be easier and faster to work in one of the small towns where you can get situated faster and then offer your time/energy rather then spending that time trying to get out to the bush.

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Hope this helps! :)

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i'm using Global Volunteer Network. Not a huge corporation...but they are based out of New Zealand (don't know if that concerns you). They've been awesome so far and I'll let you know my final review of them when i get back from my 12 week program in Kenya (Maasailand) that starts in 2.5 weeks.

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Hi Eliz
Do you have any country in specific in which you wanna volunteer in?


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well,i understand u 4 wanting to independently volunteer.I also did independent voluntary in my second trip to Ghana,i had this appoutunity from a travel helper from Ghana on this site.He gave me all the info i need to know about the locality where i would be orking.i worked on a building project which he had for me from negotiations from the project manager.if u would really like to voluntteer in Ghana,don't hesitate to contact me.i will be of help

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Mombasa Volunteering have a few projects that you will find very exiting.

They have ongoing projects that they partner with in volunteering. Some are based in the urban areas and some in the rural area.

You could help out in;
• Teaching in very needy schools
• Community development programs
• Wildlife and forests conservation
• Marine conservation.
• Working in orphanages.

All this projects are available depending on your interest.
Accommodation is mostly in host families that are warm and welcoming. Staying with a host family gives you the advantage of learning the local culture as well. However upon request they can also arrange alternative accommodation.

Please let them know which of the above projects you would be interested in then they send you more information.

get them at .... mombasavolunteering at yahoo dot com

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Its great that you want to get to Africa and do some volunteer work. You can definitely do it independently; its just a matter of finding the right organizations and matching your skills with their needs. A good place to start would be Search under volunteer placements. I just returned from spending 4 months in Rwanda where I was volunteering with a small NGO in the capital. It's difficult to be all that effective there if you dont speak French or Kinyarwanda. But if you are interested, feel free to send me a message.