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My husband and I are looking to volunteer independently and
if any one has suggestions about volunteering. We want to do this
alone and avoid any large organizations. We are looking to help the
needed in areas where no organizations are but welcome volunteers.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Liz G.

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The best thing is often to ask around for orphanages, schools etc once in an area that you would like to stay in. Places with websites are usually supplied with workers from big organisations. gomad website has some info on volunteering in asia. I was looking to do the same when in asia and contacted a few places independently- they were willing to let me help but only if i could commit for a few months at the least- the people you would be working with are often vulnerable and need some continuity so a couple of weeks wouldnt be enough (unlike in post-disaster volunteering). Another thing, some friends of mine volunteered to teach english at a rural school in laos for a couple of weeks and their offer was snapped up - turned out though that their kind offer had caused the regular english teacher to be out of work! There is lots of opportunity though especially in places like cambodia and sri lanka. Good luck!

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Found your post again Liz, thought i'd post the information here as well..

here is one for you.. may be too late, but thought i'd post it;

also, we have started a not for profit to try to connect people to volunteer opportunities, organizations, and people around the world..

if you find out anything, we'd love to hear about it
thanks and good luck

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Friends of mine help orphans and poor families in Phnom Penh Cambodia. If you are interested in helping out by volunteering; send me a PM.

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elizabeth ive got a friend of a friend who setup an orphanage home in indonesia back during tsunami. could give ya few details in pm. regards

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Hi Liz,

I'll be in Myanmar from 17 May to 22 May to help the locals set up an English Pre-school (they already have a language centre, pre-school is just an add-on and most teachers there are volunteers). I believe they would appreciate volunteer English teachers. If you are interested, let me know....I'll hook you up with them. The school's name is Focus Education Centre located in Yangon, Myanmar.