hey has any1 done camp america?

Travel Forums North America hey has any1 done camp america?

1. Posted by jenjen20 (Budding Member 6 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


im thinking bout joining camp america for the summer. has any one ever done it before?

if so let me know!!


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Hey Jen!
Three of my housemates did it and sooooo many of my friends did it in their gap year before heading to Uni!They all had a great time, they were lucky to be placed at camps which totally suited their personalities and everyone there was on their wavelength!!!I actually got accepted to do it a few years ago but then another opportunity came up for me so I chose not to do camp america but I went through the whole application process and it was really easy and straightforward and the admin costs are cheap considering what you ultimatley get!!!All of my mates that did it, worked the summer at their camps ans then ended up travelling the US with the friends they had made from camp and used the money, which was about £900 I think, to do all this travelling!The good thing was, most of them had met or had correspondance of friends at other camps so they ended up having free places to stay etc on their travels!

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I did it in 1998, and overall it was great. I liked my job and learned a lot. I couldn't have gone cheaper to the USA.

I only had a shitty time with one of my supervisors, because this other camp america guy I was supposed to work with kept making unwanted advances, progressing to more unwanted touches when we were alone working the night shift. I complained a few times to my supervisor, but nothing happened. I had to go to the wife of the big boss (who felt somewhat maternal for us camp kids) before something happened.

But that was a problem inside the camp, not with Camp America. By all means, go with them. Just make sure you read that booklet they give you from back to cover several times. Saves you trouble later.

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Hi Jen, I've applied as well and am hopeful of going away in the summer. It was a spur of the moment thing and just popped into my head.

I hope to have the time of my life out there. Hope all goes well and you apply.


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Hi I'm going this summer. My camp is in Kentucky, I leave go on 24th May, yay!

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Hello :)

Im going out on 14th June to a camp near Pittsburgh :)

Should be an experience :)


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Hi jen,
I'm doing camp america for the first time this summer. I'm in Connecticut for 9 weeks til 21st August then travelling for about 3 weeks. R u thinking of travelling?
alastair brown

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im doing camp america!ive been here for about three weeks already and im loving it!its a small camp and just 2 other counsellors which was a bit of a shock to begin with but local people work with us too and take us out.i went up a rock climbing wall today!its quite handy having it on my doorstep!im also a liefeguard now.it is a hell of a lot of work but its fun so that helps!i really think you should give it a go.i almost didnt go,but now i dont want to think that ive only got 6 weeks left!i only had 1 week notice before i left but im defo. doing this again!!
im gonna go and order a pizza now, im making most of my night off!