Happy Pancake Day!!!

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I love Pancake Day...In all honesty I did actually forget till a friend called at like 10pm and casually mentioned it was Shrove Tuesday!!!An emergency trip to the corner shop was called for to stock up on ingredients.....Made way too much but we had fun making outselves sick!!!!
The recipe of the day is most definatley pancakes with melted mars bars!!!!

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ahhhh! pancake day? pancake day! i didnt know there were such a thing and why didn't anyone invite me over. ahhhhhh! *wipe tear* so sad.:(

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Pancake Day?!? I missed it. Is there a waffle day? I am quite interested to know the origins of this holiday.

Make sure I am included on the list for Foie Gras Day!

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Here's a little history...

Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day

Traditionally, dairy products are not eaten during Lent. Pancake Day became a way to use up these ingredients (by Ash Wednesday) so they would not spoil or have to be discarded. (It's a Catholic/Anglican thing. Growing up with a Catholic mom and an Anglican dad - we had pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.)