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Fellow travelers,
Is anyone familiar with the Auto Driveaway service? Where you drive other peoples cars to a predetermined destination. I've checked out the website and it seems like an excellent way to get from A to B in this car mad country. Could anyone with some experience doing this please share their info or stories.
Also, will it be difficult to get vehicles in August?

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I don't know too much about this but what I do know is that when people move accross country they will hire this company to drive their car to their destination for them. The company in turn hires you as an independant contractor to drive it.

You get a specified number of miles that you can put on the car and a specified time frame to get it there. If you take too long on miles or time they deduct it from whatever compensation you are supposed to recieve.

There are also the standard rules that you would expect. No smoking, no pets, no speeding, no off roading, no driving into other countries, or any stuff like that. Usually the compensation is not too great, but I do believe that they cover all vehicle and travel expenses with a set per day spending limit.

Sadly that is about all I know about it, I do remember seeing on the news a few years back how one of the companies that provides this service got into some serious trouble for drug smuggling. I'm not sure what impact that would have had in the whole scheme of things.

Just remember though that whatever the contract they set you up with is going to be tight. They have to keep their expenses down very low to be a viable option against shipping on a truck. They have to be significantly less expensive than a trucking line because trucks have the added bonus of not putting any miles on the actual car. That being said, if a company offers you a lot of money to drive a car across the country you can be pretty sure there is something shady going on with them.

Well, hope this helped a little.

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I did this a few years back driving out of DC and had a great experience. Basically we signed up for when we wanted a car and where we were headed, and they got a match for us. I don't recall it being too difficult.

We had to cover all our expenses, the only thing they paid for was insurance and the first tank of gas. We went cross country and the contract was for about 10-14 days of travel time, with a set limit on the total mileage we could drive. It wasn't too strict, and didn't cramp our style at all. When we got to our destination, we handed the car over to the owners and that was that.

It's a great way to get on the road for no more than gas money if you're willing to abide by their, in my opinion, reasonable terms.

Hope this helps.