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1. Posted by Leila F (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

What are people's thoughts on travelling in low season? What's good about it? What's bad about it? Has anyone been to south India in low season?

2. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


  • cheaper flights, accomodations, etc.
  • less tourists
  • easier to get time off work
  • see more of the 'real' city/country


  • weather might be colder/wetter/etc.
  • daylight hours may be shorter
  • seasonal restaurants/attractions/etc. may be closed
  • other attractions may have more limited opening hours
  • transportation within the city/country may run less frequently

I don't know specifically about India, but in my experience the plusses outnumber the minuses - although if you're looking to swim, that may be a factor...

3. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru 3548 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Im with Tina - we went to Thailand on low season - got rained on but rain was warm! Went to Russia in Nov - it was cold and dark but to me it gave an atmosphere which was conjucive to my ideas of Russia! We nearly always go in low season - usually the experience is great no worries about being over crowded and more personal attention.

4. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Same here. Went to Holland during the low season, and although I had to contend with much colder temperatures, it allowed me to explore the country in greater detail and I enjoyed myself.

It really depends on what you hope to get out of the vacation.

5. Posted by AlexT (Respected Member 245 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Yeah I have done most of my European travel during the low season and it is a much better time to travel if you can handle the colder weather. During the high season its much harder to emerse yourself in another culture when you are surrounded by tourists. Its also just nice to have time to explore things on your own rather than with hundreds of other tourists.

6. Posted by mim (Travel Guru 1276 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I was in India for the end of the monsoon season which is part of the low season I think, I travelled around Madras in the South but not much furthur than that (I took more time in the North.) As far as I was concerned the occassional bit of rain only enlivened the experience for me, the temperature was perfect, not really hot but nice and warm although it got humid sometimes, there were less tourists around which was the way I wanted it. I suppose it entirely depends on how you want to travel :)

If you want to travel to India in the wet season though be extra careful of the vaccinations you get because travel to rural areas then is high risk for things like Jap B, but I'm sure you know that any way!!

take it easy and happy planning