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11. Posted by Davegre (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I'm doing a comprehensive spreadsheet on trip costs. Email me if you want a copy. It includes RTW ticket prices, InTRA continental airpasses, Visa's , Innoculations, Travel Insurance, Mobile Phone Costs, I budget (usually) about $80 USD a day for Lodging, Food, Sightseeing on a backpacking budget. Some days you spend less and some days you have to spend by the pool eating bread and water if you want to save up for something special like a hang glider flight etc..I'm budgetting about £4k gbp for what I call Infrastructure - flights, Visas, Medicines, Innocs, Insurance , Equipment etc etc...and about £4k for daily budget (9 months) - you will find you save tons in places like Cambodia / Vietnam and spend loads in places like Aus and Singapore / Hong Kong. I am a seasoned WW traveller and backpacker right down to the point of remembering to not accept soiled dollar notes in travellers bureaus because many foreign places will not take old notes - so if you have any questions - ask me!

12. Posted by davidchesh (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi Im planning to do my RTW starting next Jan for a year. I have read lots and my current plan is to budget 20 pounds stirling a day which is quite ok I think on average for india, se asia, oz NZ and south pacific. I may try and do some work in bits too but not much. All other stuff like tickets, travel, vacinations, rucksack etc etc is extra. In all I expect the trip to cost 10k but this might be less

good luck

13. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Depending on which countries you go to, how much time you spend in the more expensive countries, it can vary greatly. For example, if you stayed only in South East Asia, you could get by very comfortably on $30US a day if you stayed in the cheaper accommodation options.

In the US, well unless you didn't eat and stayed in bed all day, there is no way you could get by on $30US a day unless you camped on the side of a road and hitch hiked. $50US a day is a more realistic budget and that is only if you always stayed in the cheapest hostels, because otherwise you'd be looking close to $100US a day.

In Australia, well if you spend a long time in Sydney you'll need quite a lot because it sure aint cheap. About $40US a day should get you by and let you see some things, but budgetting $50US a day wouldn't hurt. But that wouldn't be including any long distance train/bus or plane travel.

If you went to Africa, well research I have done in to that suggests for the most part as a tourist it isn't cheap at all, because you'll want to do a safari, or do other things which locals wouldn't do and they are very expensive. If you lived low like locals do well then some places like Egypt even though it has one price for a tourist and another for a local isn't overly expensive.

If you travel Europe and go to places such as Iceland and Norway, well you'll struggle to get by on $100US a day if you want to see anything apart from the city. Russia and Spain well you'd be looking at about $75US a day if you wanted to see stuff well especially in St Petersburg and Moscow, because they rip tourists off something terrible wherever possible.

I did a 7 month extensive RTW trip covering: Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, UK(London), Iceland, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Chile (including Easter Island), Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Jamaica and US if I didn't miss any countries and it cost me roughly $10,000US not including the airfares which I got all of before I left and that was approx $4000US. This sometimes meant I walked up to 36km in a day, where ever possible I haggled the price down a bit, I also walked instead of catching a bus or train whenever it was realistically possible (that was anything within about 10km when I wasn't in a rush). It also meant only staying in hostels, or the cheapest possible hotel where no hostels existed. In Iceland it meant finding a really great person on the hospitality club website who let me sleep on the floor for my time there saving me the budget accommodation price of $91US a night! They do have a few hostels that are somewhat cheaper than $91US, but in the summer time when I was there they book out a couple of months in advance. I didn't work during my time away, but some days I just spent at the beach seeing I only experienced about 10 days with any rain in the whole 7 months I was away. I planned the trip to be in summer everywhere, and that also meant 50C days in Delhi when I was in India which sure was some experience.

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