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1. Posted by brigiboo (Full Member 22 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

what is the best way to carry valuables/documents/money on one's person? pouch, money belt, secret pocket of the backpack (those are always so hard to reach though!)...?


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My theory is to "spread the love" (or in this case, the money). Keep a little money in a pocket (ready cash, no more than 10 or 20 bucks). Keep the big guns in a money belt or bag under your clothes, making sure it won't fall off. Only put stuff in there you won't need often, like passport/traveller's checks/cash, because if you need it, getting stuff out in public can look awkward. Then I always have some extra traveller's checks or a debit card somewhere else just in case, like in my backpack (I use a small combination lock to close the pockets to derail pickpocketers). Better safe than sorry!!

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good idea to spread your love. It may also be a good idea to place your passport and other valuables in a safe (if there is one where you are staying) and only carry a photocopy of your passport and a small amount of cash when you go out. This of course depends on how safe is it really to put stuff in the safe. The rest is karma.

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Yup, spread stuff around. Only keep a small amount of ready cash on you for use. Spread other things about and the important things in a money belt (and always wear it under the clothes, unlike the stupid people you see with it outside their clothes). Keep a couple of small stashes (plus passport etc photocopies) in your bags/in a shoe/different pockets.

In addition, NEVER get stuff out your money belt in public (and this includes in front of friendly seeming other travellers you don't know well - your guard is much lower then). If you do that, even once, what the heck is the point in wearing it at all??? If you need to get something out, do it completely out of sight (a toilet cubicle is your best bet). Also, if you don't have any other ID, don't keep your passport in the same place - there's always a chance you meay be asked for ID which if it's in the money belt leaves you with no option but to give the location away.

Finally, it can be a good idea to keep at least 2 wallets etc. Make up a fake one - include maybe a couple of small notes in dfferent currencies and some random coins and also put some assorted crap in it as well (nearly dead phone card, old receipts where you paid cash, made up phone numbers on scraps of paper, a stamp or two etc), and in worse case scenario, ypu can hand that over to a mugger etc without loosing anything of relevance. But if it doesn't look like it's well used and genuine, the trick won't work.

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figured I'd post here too, even though I am saying the same thing as everyone else. Spread it around. If you are carrying anything of real value have something that is under your clothes.... but never use one of the ones that hangs around your neck... If someone does see that and pulls it, it could cause some real damage.. or if it is a break-away one that wears around your neck you could lose it if it breaks away at the wrong time.

I'd suggest one that straps around your waste just below the pants line.
In general keeping cash in your backpack isn't such a great idea because that is an easy target for thieves. A good cutpurse will slash your backpack and grab stuff out of it without you being aware he's behind you.