how to travel in OZ??

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Hi everyone,

I'm planning on travelling around OZ with my mate in Oct/Nov, and was wondering what mode of transport everyone used while travelling, and what they thought of it.

Our first priority is that we want to meet loadsa people!! I was thinking buying a stationwagon, but am hesitant cos if the engine or gearbox goes or something we'd have to shell out loads. Has thos happened to anyone? But then we could also travel by the coachs or buy trains, and then just stay in hostels. I dunno.

If we were to drive round oz, are there campsites where other backpackers go in? Are they pricey?

Cheers xxx

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Not sure about cars. I travelled by greyhound bus and it was fine, met loads of people in hostels etc.

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Hey guys,

I'm from Australia. I'm currently making the move to Europe.

Travel in Australia is very easy, theres really cheap plane tickets available over the web to each major city and In each major city there is either a dedicated bus or tram service that services pretty much all parts of each metro area for a under $5 AUD.

In Perth, WA for example.. we have free 'cat' shuttle services which give you free transport through the city.

If you guys would like anymore information, drop me a message.

Good luck!


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Oh, I forgot, when meeting people while travelling.. Just go into
any pub or club and you will meet alot of freindly people ready
to show you around.

hope that helps!

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i travelled around australia for 4 months, and that was the most amazing experience in my life....

I travelled with a friend all over, and we did it, by bus, plane and hitchhike....kind of, we found a friend who was travelling from Darwin to Alice Springs ....

i did all the East Coast by bus, with Greyhound, and every backpacker we called, we had a free pick up from the hostel with their van, almost everyone of them...

I flew from Cairns to Darwin, car to Alice Springs, and from there plane to Perth, and then from there back to Sydney... awesome.....

I enjoyed so much that this litle spanish stayed living here after getting married!!!!