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Hy everybody, I reserve my flight ticket for summer holidays.(29th june-14th july) From Rome me and my boyfriend we'll arrive in basel (swiss), we'll visit the city and sleep there for 1 night. (suggestion about CHEAP accomodation are welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
then we leave the too expensive swiss for germany, renting a car there. We would like to visit black forest and alsace(france), ending our trip in Stuttgart. We have 16 days and a low budget, we are looking for accomodations like Bed and breakfast, rural farms or, at least, hotels 1-2 stars.

first question: this year we wouldn't reserve any accomodation, except in basilea and stuttgart, that's for making our vacation as free as possible.
do you think we're going to have problems in finding cheap accomodations there, during that period? [I check the world football championship, and in Stuttgart in this period there is only the final for 3rd position, but luckily the 9th of JUly (not the 14th). All the other matches are played far from there:) ]
second question: any suggestion about particular places to visit, food and beverage to taste (beer, of course, if you know some in particular, or wine), and nice accomodations?
third question: is there a train from basilea to freiburg? (and, attached to it: is there in freiburg a car rental? )
thanks to everybody!

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In the Alsace you should at least visit Strasbourg, Colmar and Eguisheim, all three of which are very nice. The Rhine valley is a lovely area, full of small vilages amidst vineyards. I do not know of any nice places in the Black Forrest, because I have never been there. In the Stuttgart area, perhaps a visit to the Mercedes works in nearby Sindelfingen would be nice.
In the Alsace you should of course try the local wine and the "choucroute à l'Alsacienne" and in the Black Forrest you shouls taste the "Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte" and "Spätzle".
By the way, there are plenty of trains between Basel and Freiburg!

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Hi amanecer,

to answer your question,

yes there´s a train from Basel to freiburg ( look at: bahn.de)

5 People can travel cheap e. g. with an Baden-Wuerttemberg-Ticket ( that´s the name of the state-province) for 23,- Euro. In the entire province at one day. It´ s also valid for several bus lines.

You´ll can use it from the train station "Badischer Bahnhof" ( german territory)in Basel.
There ´re a lot of car rental companies ( like hertz, europcar,...) in Freiburg near the train station.

I suggest you to visit in the black forest :

for the southern part:

- Park "Lange Erlen" in Basel at the border to Germany.
- Castle "Roetteln" near Loerrach
- Mountains with very good views : Schauinsland,Kandel, Feldberg, ( the highest of the province)
- Brewery "Rothaus" with the brand "Tannenzaepfle" ( fir cone)
-Schluchsee ( Lake) to swim or do a boat trip
- Titisee (but expensive ! )
- historic train ( Sauschwaenzlebahn from Weizen to ? near Blumberg)

for the middle part :

- the city of Villingen-Schwenningen
- Waterfalls in Triberg ( interesting train route )
- Vogtsbauernhof in Gutach ( historical, tradional houses )
- Glasblaeserei in Schiltach ( glassblowing )
- Museum of traditional watches in Furtwangen
- Europapark ( leisure park ) in Rust ( not for the budget traveller)

for the northern part :

- Baden-Baden : the casino and the caracalla therme
- Bad Wildbad: cable car and spa gardens
- Waldachtal : the barefoot path ( it´s free !)
- Pforzheim : the city of jewellery

"Spaetzle" are a swabian ( Stuttgart area) meal and not a product of the black forest !

a very nice Café it´s in Siehdichfuer ,a little village near Calw ( to taste regional cake and meal)

well, I recommand you to stay comfortable and cheap at german youth hostels ( see www.jugendherberge.de)

safe journey

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many thanks guys!!!I'm coping and paste all your suggestions, so that I can search on the map and take with me on vacations!!

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Following my mail, I would like to add something about the food : wines!

I mentioned Riesling, but there are many other wine varieties in Alsace : Gewurztraminer, Sylvaner, Pinot noir, Edelzwicker, Crémant.
No need to taste them all, but you might want to stop and taste some in a village.

As for accomodation, in France at least, there are visitors centers (syndicats d'initiatives) in most villages, which have information on all the bed and breakfasts available. They will provide you with a list if you have not booked in advance.

Here are websites where you can find accomodation:
If you stay a week or so at the same place, the easiest solution is to rent a "Gite" (furnished appartment or home, no meals). For shorter periods try a "Chambre d'Hotes" (basically a bed and breakfast).

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thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!very useful informations olivier!