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Ho Chi Minh city, the biggest and the most modern city in Vietnam, become familiar with all of people in the world, who want to visit Vietnam. Indeed, in the 2005, this city attracts more than 2 million foreigner all over the world, especially Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, American and European …

But what is the big deal in this city attracts everyone. I will tell you about this. There are many landscapes and culture waiting for you to find out.

District 1 where many buildings and hotels locate is in the center of city. If you have much money, you can rent a room in the hotel from 3-star to 5-star such as New World hotel ( 5-star) ( www.newworldvietnam.com/), Omni (www.omnisaigonhotel.com ), Rang Dong (3-star) (www.rangdonghotel.com ), Amara … If you are a backpack tourist, you can rent a room in Pho Tay (Foreigner street). The price here is cheap and many services here are available and interesting.

At this district, you will visit four famous building in the city. Those are Reunification Palace, Saigon Central Post Office, The Concert Hall and Ben Thanh market.

The Reunification Palace is called formerly Norodom Palace of IndoChina Governor General, and then it is renamed Independence Palace of Saigon Regime. After 1975 Liberation, it is named Reunification Palace. Nowadays, it’s a historical site, holds conferences and festivals for the city. It is possible for you to visit inside to find out what this palace is used for and the decoration inside. Saigon Central Post Office is built in 1861 – 1891, from French architecture. It is open for everyone to visit and use post and telecommunications service. The Concert Hall is a cultural centre in the city to perform the drama or music . Ben Thanh market is a symbol of the city. It is a characteristic of Vietnamese markets for foreigner.

Ho Chi Minh city has a system of many kinds of museums. At first, I wanna introduce that is War Remnants Museum. As you know, the war always makes people sorrowful. Although the war passed many years, what it remains too much. So, this museum will give you a chance to find out about the war in Vietnam. War Remnants Museum displays exhibits, photos, evidence of American war crimes.

Once, I saw one foreign man in this museum crying because he watched the bottle containing a baby. That child was dead right after being given birth. Do you know the reason why? Because the chemical called “Agent Orange”. Through the war time, American troop scattered Agent Orange into the forest so that the tree defoliate, and then Vietnamese soldiers have nowhere to hide. That makes many people who got poison dead, get severe mental and physical disability or cancer. Even their children and grandchildren get these diseases too. Nowadays, Vietnamese government and Agent Orange victims are trying to sue many chemical company which produce and send them to Vietnam. Moreover, there are many other museums such as Ho Chi Minh Museum ( called Dragon House Port where President Ho Chi Minh on June 5th 1911 left to search way saving our country.), Southern Women Museum, Vietnam History Museum, Ho Chi Minh Operation Museum …

Have you ever heard about Cu Chi tunnel ? This tunnel is a network of interlinked hideouts with battle areas, sheltering Cu Chi soldiers and people to the great victory. It is totally dug by hand. If you go to inside the tunnel, you will see many rooms designed for many purposes, such as bedrooms, clinic, kitchen … It is very special that through the war, the enemies can’t find out this tunnel. They just wonder why they are shot but can’t know who and where shoot them. The Cu Chi soldiers hide under the tunnel to shoot and kill the enemies. For me, that’s the most intelligent way I have ever known.

In Ho Chi Minh city, there are many more place to go such as: Suoi Tien park ( modern play games and some beautiful buildings attracting many foreigners), Dam Sen park (modern play games), Cu Chi Ecological and National Minorities Resort, Sai Gon Water Park, Saigon Crocodile Camp ( the restaurant provides special courses from crocodile meat , products from crocodile skins and especially crocodile fishing), the Zoo …

If you are Christian, you should visit Notre Dame Cathedral. The church with French architecture will attract you. If you are Buddhist or just wanna know about Vietnamese pagoda, just visit Vinh Nghiem pagoda.

The Vietnamese food always attract 100% foreigners who visit there. You should taste once !!!!!!!!! You won’t never forget the courses that you taste here.

Just book tickets for you, your family and friend to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam!!!!!!!!
See you in Vietnam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Tuan!

It is great post. But you missed out on the most important point. The main attraction of Vietnam is its ever smiling and hard working people. They make you feel at home.