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Hey everyone.

the last stop on my RTW trip is america.

I want to see LA, SAN FRAN AND LAS VEGES. I need to leave from LA and return there again to get home. What order is the best way to go? anyone know any good cheep accommodation in any the cities?? any advice would be xcellent.

Thanks in advance guys

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Hi Amy,
I've heard the "Green Tortoise" hostel in San Francisco is really good. Hope this helps.


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Probably the best order would be LA, then SF, then Las Vegas, then LA. The reason is that this way you would have your shortest journey at the end (Las Vegas to LA is only about a 5 hour drive)--meaning you could budget your time at your next to last destination (Las Vegas) easier. That is, you can decide to stay there until the last minute--or go back to LA for a bit more time there.

Also, people on this site seem to prefer SF to Las Vegas, so this way you're guaranteed to get that in first.

Personally, though, I wouldn't necessarily do it that way. First, I would schedule my trip so that I was in Las Vegas on the days when I could get tickets to the shows I wanted to attend, and get a room at the hotel I wanted. Then I would work the schedule for the rest of my trip around that. Getting good tickets to a particular show and getting a particular hotel in Vegas can be a real pain if you don't plan ahead.

Contact me if you want more info on things to do or see at any of these three locations. I lived in LA for more than 20 years, in the SF area for 8 years now, and I've visited Las Vegas more than 15 times.


4. Posted by Amy Allan (Budding Member 22 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

thanks alot. Big help. Ill let ya all know what im planning in the future

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A really great hostel in LA is USA Hostels Hollywood. I stayed there for about a week, and the staff are so good. They have free or cheap tours to certain regions of LA every day. Got about the best location you could imagine. Within about 10 minutes walk from Hollywood/Highland subway station which is on the Redline. It is right in all the action in Hollywood. Staying there makes you want to not leave.

As for San Francisco and Las Vegas I can't say for good hostels as I'm not in Vegas until later on in the year. San Francisco I can say one to avoid. Avoid San Francisco City Centre Hostel (located at 685 Ellis Street) which was a HI hostel. The hostel itself was not too bad a quality (just the fact I had a dope smoker in the room smoking pot. The main issue with it is that it is in a really dodgy area of the city, with plenty of homeless people hanging about the area, and has a serious problem with drug dealers. Signs are up in every shop window warning people about the drug problem but it's not quite as bad as in Goldengate Park where literally every single person (no exaggeration) is high on drugs and will come across to you offering to sell you any drug you can name or at least could get it for you. There would have been about a dozen people in the park when I walked through it and all of them at some stage come up to me trying to sell me hard drugs or dope.