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sightseeing in Sydney

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11. Posted by marksaunt (Budding Member 18 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Darlinghurst...if you walk out of the hotel to the left, keep looking to the left for a stairway, it will take you down toward the wharf, and then you can walk through the park and botanic gardens to the Opera House...a great walk, and a great approach to the city and the Opera House itself. There are good maps once you get to the park, and the walk along the water, to the point where Mrs. Macquarie's chair is located offers great views, and photo ops.

Walk out the hotel to the right, up darlinghurst road and go have breakfast, or dinner at Una's on victoria street. Again, out the hotel door down the street to the left, but on the right side of the road is a great thai take out place, good cheap food (the name escapes me but hotel staff can tell you).

The hotel is right in the King's Cross area, there are abundant very cheap internet cafes (interspersed between strip joints) and it's a wild scene in the evenings. The hotel is also, literally, above the King's Cross subway stop, the blue line, very convenient for getting to/from downtown...and the walk is also worth it, a good stroll from city center along William Street and walking pretty much anywhere is safe, at least I felt so, even at night (as a female travelling solo).

I endorse others' recommendations about ferry rides. Bottom line is, don't pay for the touristy boat trips when you can take a ferry to Manly or Watson Bay for much less and get the same experience.

Have a great's an AWESOME city to visit!!!

12. Posted by GeneralH (Inactive 7 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hey everyone!
I guess most important info has already been said, but when i stayed in Sydney i went to the Outback center at Darling harbour where they show some great pictures from the Outback & you get some music too. And i think it was for free. Well it is a bit very for tourists but as i didn't have the time to go anywhere else then Sydney i thought it was a nice visit there.
Have Fun - It's a great city

Ps: Oh and if you don't get such a pass and you want to do a cruise with the ship i think you should take the morning cruise which is pretty good and i think it was pretty cheap.

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