How 2 stay in Thailand for 90days

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I have a new zealand passport.
Can I extend my visa easily once in Thailand?
What are peoples experience in staying for 3 months or more?

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Some tourists plan on a side trip to Laos, Burma, or Malaysia before the 30 days are up. They get their passports stamped out from Thailand, get stamped in and out again in another different country, return to Thailand for a new entry stamp and start the 30 day process all over again. Repeat as necessary. Some Farangs have done this for years!

You get a "free" 30 day entry permit at the airport when you arrive. If you are planning to visit other countries - schedule that visit out of Thailand just before the 30 days are up. I haven't heard of any limit on how many times you can leave and return to Thailand for a new entry stamp.

There are other ways to remain for 90 days, this is one of the popular methods.

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If I get my free 30day visa when I get there - can I extend this without leaving and coming back in?
I would apply for the 60 day tourist visa from the UK before I go but I will be in India then.

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Be careful here...not all countries automatically get a 30 day visa on arrival, it depends on the arrangements between your country and Thailand…this is easy enough to check up on. Australia I think has a different arrangement, from UK and the States.

There are several visas that can help. Go to the Thai consulate (or log onto their web site and you will get all the info you need.

Basically if you do get a 30 day extending it can only be done for a few days. Many people do a “border run”…this involves going to a border such as Cambodia, leaving the kingdom and re-entering thus getting a further 30 days. These runs cost about 2000 baht inc. everything from Bkk.

Another way is to get a 60 day visa before you leave (check if available for NZ). This comes in 2 30 day chunks I think. I think you can even pre-pay for a 90 day stay this way, but if you leave the country, you lose that section of the visa and any days left.

The simplest way is to get a multiple re-entry visa. These cost a little more but take a lot of the hassle out of everything. The 2 most common are a non-immigrant “O” (ordinary) or a non-immigrant “B” (business). They allow you unlimited entries for up to 90days at a time. Any time you leaver the country and re-enter you will get another 90 days. There are some financial criteria to be met but they are not insurmountable…especially for business.

Remember on a tourist visa there is actually a limit to the amount of time in total per year that you can stay in Thailand, although I’ve not heard of this being enforced.