Sleeping bag- should I buy one?

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Im travelling thru Peru, Bolivia and Brazil staying in hostels, home stay on Lake Titicaca, camping on inca trail and so on.
My friend whose been a few times says I definitely need to take a sleeping bag with me even tho I can hire one for Inca Trail. She says its good for cold buses, dodgy beds, unhygenic looking places etc and so on.
I'd rather avoid the expense and the trouble of carrying it- but once Im there its too late to change my mind....
any thoughts???

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I am having same dilema [and a similar South American trip!]. I am tossing up between my summer lightweight bag & a heat blanket or my much heavier [& very expensive] artic one...

I am leaning towards the summer lightweight & the heat blanket plus many layers / gloves & a hat if too cold. Summer bag was quite cheap [less than 40n bucks at Kmart] & the heat blankets are reasonable cost & lightweight. All in all lighter to carry & a much cheaper option. Thus I am happy to throw away at the end of the trip than artThis was also quite cheap so am happy to toss away at end of trip.

I anticipate most places will feel cold after Australian summer
When are you planning on heading off?
I'm leaving 19th April from Sydney to San Francisco then heading to Central America for 5 months before heading to South America.

Enjoy your trip!

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buy a small packlight sleeping bag, takes up little room in your bag, you can attach it to the outside of your bag too and it is def worth it cos some beds you just DO NOT want to sleep in!

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I definately advise the small lightweight sleeping bag, I used mine a lot while I was camping. It only cost me £30 (around $50), and was well worth it. They don't take up too much room and as mentioned in the previous response, you can keep it on the outside of your backpack. I also used a sleeping bag liner, this was a lifesaver, when it was too hot to sleep in the sleeping bag, you can just use this and it is easy to wash rather than having to wash your whole sleeping bag if it gets dirty and smelly!