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huntsmen can bite but ive never heard of anyone bitten
they are scary but i usually catch them and put them outside
one laid eggs in my sons clockradio...hundreds of spiderlings hatched in his bedroom
noone was bitten

the ones to watch are the white tailed spiders...they look like big cigar-shaped bull ants..kinda dusty black bodies with a distinct white tip about half an inch long maybe three quarters
theyre the buggers that inject some kinda enzyme that breaks down the protein in ur flesh ..the bite doesnt hurt initially and may go unnoticed but in some susceptible individuals who might be allergic the flesh begins to ulcerate and the wound ends up looking like a huge shark bite at times...
this can reoccur over the years

scary but again rare
i heard of one guy being bitten in a sydney suburb on his face as he slept...he ended up in hospital for three weeks

these spiders love bedding and clothes on the it pays to be tidy and pick ur stuff up
but hey dont let that put u off cos i have little kids and noone has ever been bitten in my household and i regularly squash the little buggers...about ten a year i guess

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Of course we killed it...we didnt fancy driving to Brisbane carrying one big hairy passenger who may or may not have appeared at anytime!!!

Anyway an Australian friend of mine said that if you stroke huntsman they purr.....urban myth??? never plucked up the courage to try it!

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The scarest spiders in Australia are the huntsmen. Not because they will kill you by biting you, but when the drop of the sun visor in the car into your lap and you leap out from behind the wheel, the impending accident probably will.

I grew up in country QLD and lived in Oz for 36 years and was never biten by any spiders. Although I have had my fair share of huntsman land in my lap in the car. Remain calm, slide out of the car, then jump around an idiot. If your lucky, the worst encounter you will have with an Ozzie spider is watching some bafoon jumping around on the side of the road to get rid of the huntsman.

Redbacks hide in dark places so do stick your hand anywhere you can't see and funnel webs, well, you have read enough about them.
It isn't the spiders you want to worry about in Oz, there are ticks and leeches and snakes and sharks and cros (only salties) and cassowaries (in Nth QLD) and sea stingers (too many to list) and crazed serial killers roaming the highways that are the real worry.

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cud neone describe ne of these seen as tho im goin oz soon and wouldnt mind to know abit more about the scairy shit that goes down

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Do huntsmen exist in South Island NZ? Thats where we are hiring a car and if one feel out on top of me l think l would prob one the car door (even if it was in motion!) and jump out!

I have a very bad phobia of spiders/creepy crawlies where l actually freeze and start to scream in blind panic (it happened with cockroaches in Bangkok & Bali) where l loose all sense of where l am and loose it! My younger sister reacts the same way with dogs!! And dont get me started on my fear of heights - though lm trying to force myself to overcome this (not doing too well though!)!!!

Im having to quell my fear now just thinking about this - spider and heights in one post.......:(

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I was in OZ for 17 days, mainly Sydney south. I did walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi through shrubery and stuff. DidnĀ“t see one spider. And trust me I was looking. They scare the crap out of me and I was proper paranoid.

Even when I went to the blue montains... Nothing. The only spider I saw was a dead house type spider similar to those in the UK. That was when I was staying at the coach and Horses hotel (pub) in Randwick.

Talking of Orb spiders though. We do actually have a resident one here outside my office in Mallorca, very strange as they are defiantely not a normal resident here, maybe its got an RTW ticket. It was identified by this bird from Melbourne who works here...

One Love...

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I have lived there for 23 years. Saw heaps of spiders in my time. Havent been bitten once (touch wood). Yes they are around and scare the crap out of you!! just be alert but dont let it stop you doing things. Such as you hear people dont swim in the ocean because of great white sharks. They are out there but the chances are slim in getting bitten by spiders. Do take caution obviously and dont let it ruin your trip.

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shark spiders? is this true (sorry im gullable)

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lol I'm sorry but shark spiders? do they have eight legs, a tiny fin and have sharp teeth? ha.
I don't mean to be rude, I just found the thought of a shark spider quite amusing!!

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lol me too someone said summit bout them before blatantly bs but im just frettin bout sharks when im surfing in oz - aaa