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i've heard great things about the coast of nicaragua, but as a girl travelling alone, is it safe to go without a travelling companion? i've done fine solo-trekking in costa rica, but is this neighboring country vastly different?


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I think as long as you speak good enough Spanish to get by then you will be fine. As with all countries you need to be careful, stick to places where you won't be alone and there is going to be other travellers. I stayed in Granada, which was one of the most amazing cities I have visited, I felt safe and was never worried about my safety. I say 'go for it' as long as you use the usual precautions!

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To get to the coast from Granada take the local bus to Rivas, about an hour or so south, Rivas is also a gateway to Omotepe Island Ferries, a fantastic nature preserve with volcano climbing and hiking (go with a group). In Rivas take a collective taxi (about $5 per person) to the resort town of San Juan del Sur, plenty of residents and travellers there to steer you to more remote beaches, if you are a female travelling alone take care walking in remote areas. Best to find a travel companion in Granada and visit our volunteer project in nearby Masaya www.cindurma.org

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I can also only reassure you that it is fine to travel in Nicaragua on your own as long as you use common sense and can communicate in Spanish. I went to Granada by myself and met heaps of people in the hostel. The same would have happened on Ometepe and San Juan del Sur.
Safe travels!


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terrific, thanks for the positive reinforcement...by the way, how's the surf there? any good spots for renting a cabina and a surf board...?

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Yes, it is vastly different in that violent crime in Nicaragua is the second lowest in the Americas, behind Canada. The chances of having problems in costa rica are higher.