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Hi guys, hope someone out there can give me some advice!

I start my RTW trip in Sept, first off I'll be spending a few months in NZ and then I fly to Sydney where I plan to be for a few months till after crimbo (yippee!!!). :)

My problem is I'd originally planned to travel up the East Coast but after speaking to people who've travelled to Oz already I'm not sure if I should do the West Coast instead. My main worry is that a few people have told me the East Coast attracts mainly the younger crowd, people fresh out of uni or college, and the West Coast appeals to older backpackers (like me, I'll be an old bag of 29 when I leave!). I've been told that the West Coast is more popular with people who are taking a career break?

No offence to all the people out there who have youth on their side! I just don't want to feel like an ancient old fart if most of the hostels I stay in are just going to be full of 18 year olds! Plus I'm going on my own so I'd like to meet people who I have a bit more in common with really.

Does anyone think one side is better than the other in this respect or am I worrying about nothing??!!!

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When I travelled the first time up the east coast I was 25 and fitted in no worries whatsoever, your age doesn't matter at all your personality and outlook on life does. It depends on you. The second time I went to aus travelling up the east coast I was 28 and had no problems, once again in meeting people and travelling around with some who were younger than me, it really does depend on you. I met a guy who was 48 been travelling for 30 years, (hell of a guy) and was of the most popular guys I ever met, he was 45 but going on 20 and i think thats the secret.

Be prepared to spend time by yourself becasue everyone does eventually while travelling, along as your comfartable with that then you wil love the experience. I had very few periods I wasn't travelling with people I had met and every case they were younger than I.

3. Posted by ballsrburn (Budding Member 10 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

bollocks you can't edit your post!!!! you dont look like your 29 I wouldn't worry about it you will have no problems, I might catch you in NZ next xmas i am emigrating there about tht time. :)

Have fun :)

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I can't really answer as me and my friend missed out the East Coast when we were there last (deciding to do our harvest work to extend our visa's instead) but I would say WA is much more isolated that the East - we travelled Carnarvon to Broome (21 hours) barely seeing another car - so it depends what you want! WA is definately beautiful and has the same things as the East Coast (Ningaloo Reef is gorgeous as is Kalbarri) and in places like Broome and down the the South West by Margaret River the parties are in full swing if you're there in the right season, but it doesn't have the population!
But remember age is just a number - we met travellers of all ages and it was the ones who could just go with the flow that had the most fun!!