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Hi All,

I'm off to Oz at the end of April on a WHV. I'm 29 and travelling alone for the first time. This seemed like a great idea 6 months ago but its all getting a bit scary. I've decided to head for Perth on a friends recommendation and that’s about as far as my plan goes (other than Uluru at the end of June - for my 30th Birthday!)

I have no ties and a boring job, which I'm happy to leave. Everything's telling me this is a great idea, I’m just a bit unsure of the travelling alone bit. How easy is it to meet people around my age and is there anyone travelling over to Perth around this time?

If anyone has any advise on what to take with me or travelling alone (especially navigating airports etc!!!) I’d really like to hear from you!


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Hey sam....
I can feel your'm planning my trip to oz on my own in september for three months...travelling to coogee beach in sydney for the first week then i have'nt got a clue what i'm doing from there....i'm booking into a dorm room at surfside backpackers hostel hoping to meet some people in the same boat as me so i'm not on my own....i'm a little nervous to say the least and mines 6 months away...ha ha...good luck with'll be hardened traveller by the time i get there....have a good time.

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I've only ever travelled around Europe and Asia on my Tod, but never had any trouble meeting fellow travellers. The only advice i can offer is to stay in hostels(at least to start off with), and just make the effort to get chatting to people in your dorm,bar or whereever. From reading posts on this site it seems that Aus is a proper traveller friendly country, so i'm sure that you'll meet loads of great people.

BTW, you won't be the only 29 year old in OZ, I'm jacking in my job and have a one way flight to Cairns at the end of May. No plans apart from maybe doing a bit of diving on the reef. Just gonna see what happens when I arrive and play it by ear.Can't wait:)


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Hi Sam,

I have just got back this morning doing a farily similar thing to you, i too am 30 at the end of june (22nd), and all i can say is that you will have a wicked time, all that i can think is when can i get back to oz, the way of life is so much better.
What i would recomend is try to be quite diciplined with you time as everywhere will seem excellent I was pretty diciplined because i only had 3 months, but i spoke to so many people who have spent months in one place because they liked it and missed out.
When you are in perth i would take some time to explore Western Australia, if you go north monkey mia is great the dolphins come into the shore almost every day of the year, and if you like ddiving which got me totally hooked head further north to nigaloo reef, i did not manage to dive there but by all accounts it is better than the barrier reef.
I would recomend tropical queensland during the oz winter as the weather will be better than anywhere else, as well as cairns take some time to head up to cape tribulation which is a really relaxed and beutifull with the bar in PJs backpackers having a good atmosphere.
Another piece of advice that i wish i had been given is that i found surfers paradise a real letdown it is just like a sunny blackpool but with more swarms of japanese tourists, spend more time in byron bay just over the NSW border, so much more friendly, as it is more travellers orientated.
With regards to the airports they are really easy to use and easy to get to and from, most have public transport or offer a coach to hotel service which you will not be able to miss in arrivals.
Most of all dont panic about being on your own, i was alittle concerned as well but i did not spend any time which i felt lonely, use the hostel common rooms, or if that does not work go to a bar and there will be others in the same boat as you, just talk to them they will be greatfull.

I am so jealous of you