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Just wondering - should there be any essential items l pack for China? For example when l was in Thailand & Bali l needed a sarong or long sleeved shirt to wear when visiting temples. Is China like this also?


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HI Purdy

Was in china for a couple of months last summer. (august -oct) plus time in tibet. You really need to know where you're heading and what you plan on doing to pack suitably.The weather varies throughout the year, summer in beijing is super hot and muggy, but as you head to higher ground it can get really quite chilly. Also, depends what you plan on doing. I needed thin tshirts and sandals for cities etc, raincoat and as i hiked the wall and went trekking in yunnan needed v warm fleece, thermals, hiking shoes, hat gloves etc (you can reach amazingly high altitudes and it gets damned cold.) In tibet I needed cooler stuff for the bright sunshine of day, and warm stuff for the evening. everest base camp etc was FREEZING cold. Going topless as in thailand (when trekking etc) isn't v culturally sensitive esp not in rural areas and def not in tibet!
You can get hold of any hiking stuff easily (and fairly cheaply though often dodgy). I would recommend taking your own sleeping bag or at least liner as room cleanliness was far from savoury at times (and is ideal for sleeper trains etc)/ Also take plenty of rehydration salts, immodium etc. We got through a fair stack in our time there!
Have fun!

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If u r planning to go somewhere cold or high n not considering heavy bags, then you can basically get those winter wear in SiuSui market in Beijing, quite cheap but hv to bargain hard.

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Sorry should of said - we are going to be in Beijing for 9 days in June this year. I doubt l will be doing a lot of hiking - gentle walking!!

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I was in Beijing last year in June & the weather was great. Days were hot, like in the 80's F, and it was sunny all day. Tank tops or t-shirts, modest shorts or capris or skirt, maybe a light sweater for the AC'd indoor places. For walking the wall you'll need very good shoes - sneakers with good tread are best. Don't try it with sandals. Save the sandals for the city stuff like Forbidden City and Summer Palace.

Not too many temples in Beijing that I know of, but it's best to have a lightweight overshirt just in case, and don't wear shorts that are above the knee. That's usually standard for temples.

Good luck & have fun,