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I'm booked to go with ozintro on 21st august 06. Just wondering if anyone is going around the same time as me. Also, does anyone know if there is much difference between organizing your own flights or getting a group flight? do you actually know which people on your flight are with ozintro anyway?

Getting very excited now- wahoo!

Mandy x

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i have booked to join oz intro on the 30th oct, the people there are great and very halpfull, you want to speak to lucy, shes taken care of a heap of stuff for me and given me advise on all sorts.
i cant wait to arrive and meet the other people and start having fun, as for value for money i think its great, remember you only paying 300 pounds because almost 100 goes to your visa.
i think its great just for a hassel free first week.
ps if anyone is going to be in syndey or on the oz intro trip in october please mail me at

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Make sure you also check out things like the "Sydney Starter Pack" from Travellers Contact Point, which includes airport pick-up with orientation tour, first 2 nights accommodation, mail holding & forwarding (which oz intro doesn't do), and some other useful things too.

You'll easily meet people in Australia if you begin in youth hostels - the place (particularly Sydney) is just like that. The info pack from TCP includes info on how to get your tax file number and medicare (if eligible), and the bank account all the places have you open is with Citibank (travellers account) - which you can easily do independently anyway if you want to.

I used TCP, and found it very useful, and as there are many backpackers in Australia, meeting people is not a problem! I found it easy to get a TFN and medicare (took no time at all).

I just checked, the current cost is AU$255 (approx £105) and you can book extra nights accommodation before you go. You can book through TCP in London, their Sydney centre is in the centre on George Street, and they also have smaller offices in various places in Australia.

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Quoting AKJ

Iv also spoke to Lucy and she has helped me loads, is she the only one who works there? Every one seems to have spoke to her.

From what I can gather, Lucy Megginson might be the only person in the UK working for OzIntro.

The address they use in Plympton, Devon is residential, with a geographic phone number registered to JD Megginson (maybe John Megginson mentioned later in this post, as the OzIntro website says that Lucy lives in London) - the advertised number on their website is an 0845 which can be located anywhere (including a VOIP service).

I find it interesting that:

- The OzIntro address in the UK is about 200 miles from where Lucy lives
- The OzIntro address is residential (check it on Google Maps), and that a phone line is registered there for JD Megginson (check it on BT)
- OzIntro, although trading in the UK, is not a registered company in the UK (both TCP and Twin who offer starter packages are)
- OzIntro use an 0845 non-geographic number, although their Plympton address has a geographic phone number
- OzIntro use an 0845 non-geographic number, which could be located anywhere (including internationally, and/or VOIP)
- OzIntro also advertises a UK mobile phone number to be used at any time (strange practice for non-urgent matters within the backpacker sending/hosting industry)
- Emails from OzIntro seem to get sent via Yahoo, and in the headers have shown different email addresses - I have noticed both and

So it is very unclear where OzIntro in the UK actually operates from, how many people work there, what kind of entity it is, and as an additional point not mentioned above what their relationship is to Surfside Backpackers hostel in Coogee.

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MojoRob, whats with the slating of Oz intro? I have been in touch with a few people who have been with them and they loved it.

I was seriously thinking of booking up with them. But after reading your above post I am not so sure now, thanks for that.

Just out of interest why did you go to that hassle to find out all that information about them ?

any of the admins not think the post is spam ?

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I wasn't slating OzIntro at all, I'm sorry if you took it that way.

I have a strong interest in the backpacker world, having spent some wonderful times travelling - including a working holiday in Australia. I'm in fact now married to an Australian, and maintain close ties with the country.

Until very recently, I hadn't heard of OzIntro so I looked into them, like I would before promoting any such organisation. As you can see from my post I have question marks over certain aspects of OzIntro, and would be interested to get answers from them about these. If any answers I get are satisfactory, hear from a number of people who have gone through them, and I feel they're ok then by all means I will promote them as an option, like I do with TCP, Twin, BUNAC and Swap. So, I'm not slating OzIntro, just interested to learn more about them.

In regards to backpacker hosting centres in Australia, there are 3 main ones in Sydney I'm aware of (plus there are some youth hostels who do similar things) - these centres are Travellers Contact Point on George Street, AIFS on York Street (I think this used to be Council Exchanges before they closed down), and IEP on George Street.

My post was in no way spam, I'm trying to offer a balanced view, and in cases promote certain organisations when I think appropriate. By all means go through them, there are some people who are or have on this forum and I would be happy to hear feedback!

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Rob I apologise for saying you were slating OZ intro, it just seemed that way from reading your original post.But now that you have explained yourself further, I can see where you are coming from.

The starter package that the TCP offer seems like a very good package and the price they charge is very reasonible. But I think the activities that oz intro offer and the 7 nights accomodation are a plus for them, also I just think for people travelling on their own (like me) a starter package like the one oz intro offer will be an ideal opportunity for people to meet fellow travellers.

But like you I would also like to hear from anyone who has been with oz intro before I make my mind up and decide to go with them.

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I booked with them last month and so far everything seems to be going fine.I spoke to someone whos been on it and he assured me its was brilliant he actually has a blog on this site so i dont think he is fake. Although im now havin doubts as well but i dont think sta would work with them if there was anything dodgy about them.

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Please be sure about this, I'm not suggesting OzIntro are fake at all. All I'm after is information about them and their set-up. I'm sure people have enjoyed going through them, and think they're great - I am not questioning that at all!

On a completely separate thing, it's interesting to note that STA Travel have involvement in regards to the Tribe Wanted thing going on, which has been suggested with evidence as a scam - but lets not get off-topic on this thread!

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im just like you i would like to hear from more people thats been on it? to put my mind at rest!! Ive read lots of people booking with them and just wanted to know if they were worried about them setting up their bank accounts because thats what is slightly worryin me i think im just being over cautious!!