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The bank account isn't really an area to be concerned about, as they seem to do the same as other places like TCP, IEP, and AIFS - open or have you open a travellers account with Citibank. Citibank do seem to have a poor reputation for customer service, but many people see this account as the best option for backpackers.

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Thanks for that!! I guess if there was anything wrong with them i would of heard about it by now from other people.Thanks for your advice its good to have other viewpoints.

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Ive just emailed a few people that i read would of been on the trip with oz intro!! so ill let u know what they say!!

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im going on the oz intro trip starting on the 30th of october, any one out there be joining me?? give me a shout.

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Hey there just to say ive heard back from a few people and they all seem to agree sayin its a good company!! They reccomend it!!
so i feel better now!! ive booked with them!!

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Hi everyone, thanks for all of your posts regarding OzIntro.

At OzIntro we think that the Travellerspoint forum is an excellent source of impartial information. However we believe one of the comments that has been made in this thread has been made by a competitor in an attempt to discredit us. So we’d just like to make a short reply to hopefully clear a few things up.

Firstly, we are a new company. (We’ve been operating for about a year.) And we’re a small company. (With 7 staff.) We have an office in Sydney, Australia and home-based offices in the UK and Ireland. We are a registered business. (Our Australian Business Number is 15 107 054 822). We use an 0845 phone number in the UK because it has all the facilities we need. And finally, we work closely with the Key Accounts Department at STA Travel in the UK, who help manage our bookings. (You can email them directly at or call them on 08701 66 26 60 if you like.)

Over the past year we’ve helped hundreds of travellers to have the best possible start to their backpacking trip to Oz. We’ve given them all the help they need and some fantastic experiences.

As a small business we take pride in giving our customers a really personal service. And the positive feedback we’ve been receiving from people who’ve used us has been wonderful.

If you would like any more information on what we do, who we are or where we came from please just get in touch with us or check out our website. (

Enjoy your travels!

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Thank you for that Michael.

First of all, I think I did make it clear in subsequent posts that I am not a competitor, and was not slating OzIntro - I was making pertinent observations in regards to OzIntro as an organisation. I was quite clear in saying that I wanted this information, and to hear from people who have been through OzIntro, so I can PROMOTE OzIntro, like I do with other organisations.

I do have a couple of follow up questions in regards to your reply though, and would be happy to receive answers from you.

Your business number is 15 107 054 822 - this is registered with an entity type of Individual/Sole Trader in the name of Michael Angus Fotheringham (yourself?).

- Why is it registered as an Individual/Sole Trader rather than a Company (Non Individual)? You did say you were a company.
- I notice from the ABN there is no registration for GST in Australia, why is this? With the amount of start dates (29 in 2006) I would have thought your turnover would be more than AU$50,000.
- Something else I noticed is that in the UK, OzIntro is not registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner's Office (in regards to the Data Protection Act 1998). With OzIntro handling personal information, and transmitting this to a country outside of the EU, I would have thought registration would be necessary. Could you please clarify?

I hope you feel able to answer these questions in the way they are intended. I really do hope to be able to promote OzIntro - I'll even offer to work for you in the UK if things sound good!

If you think I am a competitor then feel free to send me a private message, and I will give you my details - which can be checked against any and all competitors (e.g. Bunac, Travellers Contact Point, CCUSA, Twin, AIFS Hosting Centre etc.).

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It's alright taking an interest in these kind of things but i think this forum speaks for one seems to be slating or questioning oz intro's experience and everyone i've spoke to says there really good so whats the problem...?...and why give them the 3rd degree.....if they offer a service people are happy with then who cares about the administration side ........
good luck guys....keep up the good work.

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Quoting mojorob

... I will promote them as an option, like I do with TCP, Twin, BUNAC and Swap. So, I'm not slating OzIntro, just interested to learn more about them.

In regards to backpacker hosting centres in Australia, there are 3 main ones in Sydney I'm aware of (plus there are some youth hostels who do similar things) - these centres are Travellers Contact Point on George Street, AIFS on York Street (I think this used to be Council Exchanges before they closed down), and IEP on George Street.

You forget Work & Travel Company Rob. There are a few others out there starting up too, so it's a competitive market! :) Each offer different degrees of pricing, (I assume) based on their cost structure. Some offer less personalized service and can charge less, others focus on other areas and charge more for that. Travelling as a group is a good idea for some but not for others and different organizations cater to each of these aspects.

I understand your looking into Oz Intro and asking all these questions, but have you really done the same for all the Australian ones? It's a lot of research to do and I'm curious as to why you'd do it (it does seem a little 'sus')

As someone that's started a few businesses myself, I don't find it strange that in the startup period several of the admin details aren't up to spec, as these things take way too much time and a start up company has a lot of higher priority things to take into consideration. I wouldn't mind that providing other travellers have enjoyed travelling with them. As you noted earlier, even reputable companies like STA Travel can get into things which smell like a scam :)

Personally, any company that can keep their costs down by being primarily internet based has my vote! It generally means less costs to their customers

On the other hand, one should also always take recommendations through forums (as criticism through forums) as potentially being made by a companies rep (resp. competitor).

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Thank you for pointing me to the Work & Travel Company on Sussex St, Sydney as well - very much appreciated!

I can say that for Travellers Contact Point, IEP, and the AIFS hosting centre - yes I have looked thoroughly into them (though with a slightly less degree for AIFS than the other two). I hadn't really come across Work & Travel Company before, so I haven't for them as of yet.

I am aware that recently set-up organisations may not have all their administration/registration up to scratch. I am simply enquiring into this, and it's also possible that they may have overlooked something and so my question(s) may even help them in their business!

Why do I do this research into such organisations? As I've said before, so I can promote them. I don't want to have a bias for one or two just down to my experiences - I want to help people find ways to go travelling based on both my experiences and knowledge. I do not work for any travel organisation, although it's something I would like to do!

Asking these sorts of questions that I am can also help in sorting out the genuine (which currently I think OzIntro is btw), from the scam (e.g. Tribewanted possibly). Genuine organisations are/should always be open to questions about their practice - scammers don't like such questions.