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A girl that I chatted with in Amman told me that I absolutely must stop in Interlaken, Swisserland. Anyone been there? What kind of things are there to do in this area?

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I'll be visiting Interlaken sometime end of next week with the help of a guided tour. Like Ashley, I have no idea what's there to see and things to do especially at night in Interlaken. Will be spending 2 nights there and would also like to find out what's the specialty products that is unique to Interlaken which I can buy as a gift for friends back home.


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Hi there,

Interlaken is very famous for its scenery. If you ski I would recommend to go skiing, there should be plenty of snow there. Otherwise there is the Mystery Park, if you are interested in that kind of thing. Interlaken has plenty of souvenir shops, where you can all kinds of things. I personnally recommend chocolat, which you can buy at Migros or Coop. I've never actually spent a night in Interlaken itself, but I heard that the bar from the Balmers Hostel is supposed to be good, otherwise there are some bars in the main street of Interlaken (between the 2 train stations)

Hope this helps

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I went to Interlaken last summer, the scenery is very nice and there are various activities you can do such as paragliding etc - though I didn't do that as I didn't have much money to spend. I think if you're in Interlaken then you should make a trip up to Lauterbrunnen as the Lauterbrunnen valley is amazingly beautiful, you can also get the train from there to Murren and all the way up to Gimmelwald which is a tiny village with some of the most amazing views you can hope to see. Lauterbrunnen is only a very short train journey from Interlaken - I forget how long exactly but it seemed about ten minutes maybe. Just to illustrate the point about scenery! -

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I think Interlakken is crap. it is one of the worst stops I have ever made in all my travels. Scenery is nice but most of Swiss is great for that - many better places in Swiss actually.

The Balmers Hostel bar is terrible. Its like an American and Canadian frat party. The nightlife in that towm is ranked no 1. in my book im writing of "European Nightlifes worst places" ;) - but thats just one man's opinion. see for yourself.

This topic has been posted a few times so u may go thru the archives and find more info.

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I think it depends on what you're going there for, personally I'm not into nightlife/clubbing and the like, but I would say that if you were going to Interlaken for those reasons then you'd probably be disappointed. I was kind of surprised after hearing so much about Interlaken from other tourists at just how little there was in the way of nightlife. However if you're into scenery and hiking and activities of that nature then there are few places better than Interlaken and the Lauterbrunnen valley in my opinion. The town itself is incredibly touristy (it even has a hooters) and I wasn't particularly fond of it, but the countryside surrounding it is amazing.

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Thank you guys for all your input.

I hope I have the time to visit Lauterbrunnen valley coz the scenary is trully amazing.

Thank you once again for all your inputs.


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I think Interlaken is a nice central place to stay
-Rly junction- Golden Pass train passes thru it
-A lot of hotels of different grades
for visiting Grindelwald and Jungfaru. There is a funicular at Harder Kulm, just outside station, the view from top is very beautiful. City is comparitively cheaper and YH at Boningen, tho a little far is quite OK.

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I agree with BlankFrank and jeffG. I spent a day in Interlaken (as was staying in Grindelwald, which is not far away) and was mainly disappointed. Whilst the scenery is nice (as it is in most parts of Switzerland!) and the lake is amazingly beautiful, Interlaken is mainly filled with tourists and tacky stores (hello sex shops and HOOTERS). Have also heard that the night-life is pretty non-existant; there are lots of pubs though and a big casino. Anyway, in my opinion i don`t think Interlaken is a "must" - maybe fun for a few hrs of walking around and that is all. Many use it as a brief stop-off on their way up to the Jungfrau and such.