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Would anyone be able to recommend shipping/courier companies in Kathmandu or Delhi?

My husband and I are hoping to ship or courier (if it's not too expensive) our mountaineering gear (roughly 25kg) back to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur after our stint in Nepal. We're going off backpacking in India and do not fancy lugging our mountaineering gear along with us. Any recommendations would be great!

Many thanks in advance!

ps: If shipping - roughly how long would it take?

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Hi Linger,

I highly recommend you do not use regular post service because your equipment might diseappear... the staff honesty isn't very reliable. Sorry to say tha, but during my 4-month stay in Nepal, I had two small packages shipped to me from Canada that never arrived. Only the letters would make it through.

I shipped one package, regular post, from Canada to Nepal, and used a fictive nepaleses name as sender and it did arrive in the village unopened...

I don't have a particular courrier company to suggest though.

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There is a UPS in's in Thamel, I can't remember exactly where, though, but I'm sure any local can point you in the direction. Delhi should have several UPS locations, as well. It isn't very cheap, however you can bargain, believe it or not, to lower the price. They will usually give you a "deal" if you ship more packages! When you first go to inquire, only tell them 1/3 of the items you intend to ship, so that you have bargaining you increase the weight, they should give you more of a discount.

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