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Ok great, we got your attention:)

Do you live in or anywhere near these cities/regions: Boston, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Madison, Memphis, Nashville, Miami, The Keys, Georgia, South-Carolina, North Carolina, Washingon DC, Philadelphia, New York?
Then please continue reading! We have a question for you:

We, that's me, Marijke, and my boyfriend Kristof, two twentysomething students from Belgium who are planning a two-month trip to these regions this summer. More specifically, we start July 21st in New York, and end September 21st in Washinton DC. As students on a limited budget, this could turn out to be a very pricy trip though.. That's why we came up with the idea (not just to minimize expenses but also because we believe it adds value to the traveling experience) to ask people, through several fora, friends or acquaintances etc., who live in these areas whether they would be willing to help us out with a place to sleep for a night (or two).. Just for the record: we wouldn't expect ANY form of luxury (we absolutely don't expect you to offer us food or a shower for example), all we would need is a bed or a couch or even just a backyard where we could put our tent up. In two months time this could save us a bunch of money...

"And why would I wanna do that?" I hear you saying? Well, just for the simple reason that we are two supernice, funny, charming, intelligent and grateful students! No seriously;) Of course, at the time, we couldn't offer you much more than our deepest gratitude in exchange.. But from what I gather as new member of this forum, we are all people here who like to travel and share our experiences, even help others. That's why we turn to you. And that's why you would want to offer us a place to stay : because when you would ever plan a trip to Europe, you, of course, in return are more than welcome to stay at our house! Where we live is located perfectly in between Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Antwerp,... Just ask my host sister (I was an exchange student in Wisconsin two years ago) who visited me! Other than that, Kristof and I are both fascinated by American culture. As I said, I was an exchange student and Kristof is studying 'Master in American Studies' at the University in Antwerp. It would be very interesting for you too to exchange views on American culture!

Now, if you would consider our proposal, please do not hesitate to email me, or just to place a reaction on this forum. You will have our eternal gratitude!

Two very hopeful students,

PS: If you have read this and are not able to help us, but know people who maybe do, please spread the word!

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You probably know about this already, but have you guys tried

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Apart from the couchsurfing website, you could also try

between those three you have got loads of people who will hopefully let you stay with them if you make a good enough impression with the message you type to them.