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Hey guys, thanks for reading this. I am a Canadian and am in the process of looking to purchase a RTW ticket. The prices here are so expensive and after talking to travel agents they all tell me it is cheaper to purchase a ticket in England and fly out from there. Can anyone please help me with some advice on where to purchase, a good agency. The rough cost, etc... My rough itinerary is as follows for 6-8 months. Land in London from Vancouver, start there. Hope to visit Nairobi, Johannesberg, fly to Asia Bangkok, Laos, Vietnam, Japan etc..., then visit S. America, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Brazil. Then fly back to London, then back to Vancouver.

My friends can u please give me some info on the cheapest companies to book with, pros and cons of each, how to collect frequent flyer points, and different types of tickets (ie. tickets based on mileage versus tickets based on continents travelled).

Your help would be much much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Jas D

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I am interested on this info as well. I will be starting my trip in the U.S, unless it is cheaper to start in London. I have been doing some research and have come up with a ticket costing approx $3500, but I am hoping to find something cheaper. Does anyone have any info as to good websites, companies, etc. I could use all the help and info you can give. My trip will be about 7months. Also what's the best/cheapest way to travel through Europe? Should I buy a eurail pass or use some of the over land travel on the around the world ticket, or a combination of both?

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Travelnation accept bookings from non-UK residents for journeys starting in London. When I phoned them for a quote, they were so friendly and very knowledgable, even suggesting extra flights to make the trip easier.

Once on the site click on contact us and it'll give you the numbers and e-mail addresses.

Hope this helps


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After much reasearch on our part - we went to so many travel agents/companies to get the best deal and in our case most importantly, had knowledge of what they were doing, experienced and friendly.

We narrowed down to 2 finalists; STA (the Covent Garden branch specialises in RTW) and Trail Finders in High Street Kensingtion.


The cost for the ticket is more or less the same between travel companies - though some companies charge you an administrative fee (ranges from £50 - £70) and some have flight restrictions ie. depending on peak period you might end up paying additional £200 for your ticket. So, do remember to request for non-peak period if your dates are flexible!

Trail Finders, the City branch - we weren't too impressed with the service (with one of the agents anyway), he wasn't too keen in spending time with us to discuss our routes. Guess at the end of the day - it all comes down to whom you get on the other line/face-to-face!

Hope this helps. Let me know if you guys need further information.

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I'm planning a trip around the World also. I'm from Milan but it's probably easier to leave from London..
How much have you guys found this kind of ticket for and how many stops are you able to do??