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Bacon and Cabbage is a must certainly. If you want a culinary secret for it (my granny's ;) ) cook the bacon, then cut off the fat part from the outside, cut it up and mix it in with the cabbage before boiling it to get yummy bacony cabbage! And you have to have new potatoes with lashings of butter and parsley.

Beef & Guinness stew is a good one

Bangers & Mash with gravy.

Irish Stew (with lamb, carrots, onions, potatoes)

Shepherd's Pie (Mince with gravy, layer of onions, peas, mashed potato on top)

Galway Bay Oysters and Guinness!

Farmhouse veg soup with Brown bread (proper brown bread, NONE OF THAT PACKET STUFF!)

Homemade apple tart with cloves

(Dammit! you've started to make me miss home now!)

And the Irish Fry (has to have Clonakilty black pudding or it's just no good! ;)

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Quoting quillber

the breakfast is a 'full irish' ive been here 24 years. ive never heard it refered to as an Ulster fry ever i dont think, would be silly when everyone eats the same one. and blood sausages, where are you living?? what are they?

It's called an Ulster Fry in Belfast, at least from what I saw and what people I know who live there have told me. Maybe it's a northern thing...?

And I think the confusion about sausages stems from the fact that what you call "black pudding" we call "blood sausage" or "boudin". Eiither way, it's not on my top-10 list.