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I'm going to be in Oz later this year for a good few months, I'm arriving in Perth and leaving from Sydney. I was wondering if anyone knows how good an idea it is to try and do a one way rental or something and drive from Perth to Sydney. Also I won't want to do it alone so if anyone is interested in sharing costs and coming along that'd be cool, I'll be in Oz from November time.

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Sounds very good, you should get a pasenger OK to share the costs. Being November onwards, stay South away from the tropics. It's a long way but do-able & you appear to have the time. Take the coast road south of Perth and wind around until you get to the Nullabour then to Eucla & Ceduna, nice beaches near here.

At ceduna, you have several options, follow the coast (south) which will eventually get you to Port Augusta otherwise direct to Port Augusta from Ceduna. At this point, take a peek a the outback by going up to the Coober Peedy Opal fields. Then back down to the Flinders Ranges - great walks.

Go via Broken Hill to Mildura or down to Adelaide then to Mildura via the Barossa Valley (wine) and riverlands (more wineries). Or from Adelaide follow the coast to Melbourne (this would be my choice). There are wineries in the Coonwarra area near the Victorian Border too - hey.. wine is nice but it must be red.
Of course you could also go to Melbourne via Horsham & Mt Araipiles (Rock Climbing) and Halls Gap.

Wow, there are lots of options and summer is starting so plenty of beaches to stop at. From Melbourne, you can 'sort of' follow the coast or stick to the Princes Hwy eastwards. Gippsland is a great area to explore. Follow the Hwy to through the seaside villages in Victoria and the NSW South Coast. They all have something to offer.

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Cooper Pedy's a long way off the route that they're taking though. Sure if you have time, but you will end up seeing the same landscape twice while driving there and back (there's only one road up through there).

After Adelaide it depends on whether you like wines and vineyards (Mildura) or ocean views (down the coast to Melbourne). The coastal road has the Twelve Apostles on it (a famous Australian landmark. Although one fell into the ocean recently so maybe we should call them the Eleven Apostles). I wouldn't suggest going via Broken Hill through western NSW though to Sydney. I've driven that way before. It's the shortest route, but by far the least scenic. That route does have some cool radio telescopes and arrays if you like that sort of thing.

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I forgot the time of year they were going (thanks for the prompt algore). Coober Pedy would be an obvious option for many reasons if it we May - September. I could offer some unique outback options.

But.. seeing as it will be the height of Summer when you are travelling, it will be more practical if you don't rush and stick to the coast as much as possible to get to Sydney. Anything inland, including Broken Hill will be very hot.

Before you head East from Perth, make sure your vehicle has been serviced, take some food, water (in several separate containers), a hat, fly net and sunscreen, even some insect repellant.

A cheap tarpaulin is also handy to set up a shelter from the sun/rain.
Cheers for now