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Recently I was at the bookstore and noticed a severe lack of selection when it comes to guidebooks of Israel. I also checked a few websites and noticed that a lot are two or three years old. Unfortunately it seems as though there are two coming out this year, but in July and September. Both are too late for me seeing as I'm going there from May to August. Anyway, based on the selection, does anyone have any recommendations???? Thanks!

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I used the Lonely Planet "Israel" in 2000 (1998 edition), and it was the best investment I made into the trip. Looking at the various information contained in the book, I cannot imagine that so many things have changed to make it unusable. I would probably use the very book I have at home (1998 edition), would I go back again to Israel now.

Things that clearly have changed a lot is anything to do with the Palestinian Areas (especially travel from, to, and within West Bank and Gaza) and maybe the border crossings into Jordan and Egypt. (Neither Al-Hussein bridge nor Taba is an option any longer.) But if you only want Isael proper, you won't need this information anyway.

If you only want to roughly plan your journey, I suggest you get an older version of the Lonely Planet from ebay or amazon marketplace, and buy a newer book later if you decide you really need it.

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Just wanted to add that there is a website called Tel Aviv Guide (, which is very useful and up-to-date if you're looking for information about Tel Aviv.

And there is TImeout Tel Aviv that comes out every three months.It too is very useful. I hear they are planning on a Jeruslaem Timeout in English very soon and a Lonely Planet critic has visited Israel recently. I imagine the old version from 1998 would be relevent for the 3,000 year old tourist attractions, but I think the other two options would be better when it comes to bars, restaurants and such.

Hope I could be of help!

Enjoy your trip.